We Have Power and One Last Visit

Posted by on September 5, 2014

We were up about 8:45 this morning and shortly after were in the truck headed to town (only about 2 miles away).  Our first stop was at Hardees to pick up some breakfast since we still had no power.

The second stop was at Walmart so that Michael could pick up some oil for our generator.   With the power outage yesterday Michael found that the generator would start but would almost immediately die and he was getting a ‘low oil’ reading.

Once back at home Michael put the oil in the generator and after several attempts (the oil had to circulate) the generator was running like a champ.  It ran for about a ½ an hour or so and then died.  This time with a ‘service engine’ message.  Michael thinks that it’s not getting any propane or needs a new oil filter.  We already knew we were low on propane and planned to get it before we leave and will get a new oil filter down the road.

The power came back on just about 10:00 am this morning and I was quite thankful as I was starting to get a bit worried about our refrigerator/freezer and the food stored within.

We spent much of the day working on chores around the house.  Michael did a very thorough job of vacuuming the carpets and floors in between diagnosing the generator.  While he did his thing I dusted, cleaned mirrors and TV screens, shook out the filthy rugs and straightened up the truck (cleaned floor mats and swept the front carpets).  All in anticipation of our upcoming move.  Unfortunately, play time is almost over and we will be starting our trek south to Texas and work in the oilfields.

Rocky's Roadhouse

Rocky’s Roadhouse

Tonight was our last Wisconsin Friday Fish Fry.  🙁  Fortunately it was enjoyed with LOTS of my former Walmart Co-workers.   We met Colleen (who’d I’d met for lunch earlier in the week), Nicole and her daughter Alexis, Linda O and her husband, Tom and Linda O’B and her husband Pat at Rocky’s Roadhouse at 5:30 pm.

The gang's all here!

The gang’s all here!

The place had been recommended by the campground manager and Linda O’B had been there some time ago and said it was good and that they didn’t push you out the door.  Both very good things since we were planning on a lengthy visit. We had a wonderful, wonderful time visiting.  I’ve known these ladies and their husband for 20+ years and haven’t seen several of them in 10+ years but once we were together the years just fell away and it was like no time had passed at all.

The fish fry was excellent…will have to keep that in mind for another visit.  We all visited for a while after dinner and people started leaving here and there and we ended up sticking around 9:00 pm before we decided we needed to get home and get a good nights sleep as we have quite a few errands to run and prep-work to do for our travel day on Sunday.

We’ve had such a wonderful 2 weeks here in northern Wisconsin and are so glad we were able to spend time with so many family members and friends…a true, true blessing!




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