A Visit with More OLD Friends

Posted by on September 3, 2014

We were actually up before 9:00 am this morning….8:45!  I’m so proud of us.  We had a leisurely morning, reading, surfing, relaxing.  I made what I call “Al’s eggs” for breakfast.  My stepdad always made breakfast and one that he made often was scrambled eggs with diced up bacon.  Nothing gourmet-ish but they hit the spot.  It’s a good reminder of Al…a comfort food of sorts.

Michael worked on a few projects in the afternoon.  He worked on our MaxxAir fan in the bathroom that the motor went out on – preventing the cover to open when turned on.  He was able to get it to the point where we can open the cover manually and that will work just fine until we are planted in one spot for a while and he can get a new motor ordered.

He also worked on doing some caulking on the roof.  Something he’s been wanting to do but just hasn’t gotten the time to get it done.  Slowly but surely he’ll get it completed…you know Michael….he’s not happy unless he’s putzing.

While he worked on those things I worked on gathering information about 10 more songs on the US Billboard Hot 100.  I have now completed 73 songs and have come to the conclusion that I absolutely hate Rap/HipHop music.  I was never a fan before but now that I have try to read the lyrics and figure out what message they’re trying to convey….I HATE the genre!  It’s so bad that I make Michael turn the TV off and stay silent so that I can really concentrate on the nasty lyrics of the songs.  Ugh!

With that said…I really am enjoying this project…it’s interesting, kinda fun and gives me something to do….even though I bitch (sorry…cover your eyes!) about those dang rap/hip hops songs!

The Haven

The Haven

We met long time friends for dinner at The Haven (formerly the Pizza Haven).  When I was young my mom and stepdad lived in a mobile home on the land of Don Woodford.  The Woodford’s were in the process of building a home on the property but already had a working farm there.  Al took care of the cattle and helped with haying and other jobs on the farm.  I think we lived there for about a year before their home was ready and they moved in.

Dinner with 'family' - known 'em nearly as long as I've known my brothers and sisters!

Dinner with ‘family’ – known ’em nearly as long as I’ve known my brothers and sisters!

Mom and Al lived there for about 5 years and our families got quite close over the years.  Don & Judy’s three kids were close in age to my sister, Vicki, and my brother, David .  They went to school together, plucked chickens together and helped during haying season.

We’ve kept in contact over the years and sadly during this visit I found out that Don passed away last year.  He was a heck of a guy and everyone in our family will surely remember him. It was sad to hear that his wife, Judy, (one of the sweetest women you’d ever want to meet) is having a hard time since his passing.  It’s so hard to lose someone you’ve spent nearly your entire life with…I’ll be keeping her in my prayers and hope that she finds comfort.

Oh my!  Yummo!  Ground chuck, Canadian bacon, onions, fresh tomatoes & green pepper - awesome stuff!

Oh my! Yummo! Ground chuck, Canadian bacon, onions, fresh tomatoes & green pepper – awesome stuff!

This evening we were able to spend time with Mickey, Randy and his wife Kathy.  After lots of hugs we sat down to enjoy another pizza cut into squares. (I know you’ll love that, Debbie!)  Another favorite pizza place in town and it didn’t disappoint.  The pizza was WAY good and the salad hit the spot too.

We spent a lot of time reminiscing and catching up on who’s doing what and who’s where.  I think we figured out that it’s been about 7 years since Mick and I have seen each other and I have no idea how long it’s been since we saw Kathy and Randy last – but they’re avid readers of our blog so they are able to keep track of us that way.  Hi guys!!!  

We had SUCH a good time visiting it was had to say good-bye – but we did eventually with promises to visit again soon.  We went our separate ways about 2 hours after our visit began.  Michael and I made a quick stop at Walmart so that he could pick up something for his dinner for tomorrow as I will be gone.

Shortly after we got home it started to rain a bit and I’m hearing that we are in for some possible icky storms overnight….keeping my fingers crossed that it skims past us like it did the last time.


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