Another ‘Fix it’ Project And A Day Of Strike Outs

Posted by on August 20, 2014
Removing the shower door from the bathroom was NOT an easy job!

Removing the shower door from the bathroom was NOT an easy job!

A couple of days ago when I was opening the shower door after showering I heard a strange noise like something small had fallen off the door and then noticed that the middle pane of glass on the door wasn’t working right.  Yesterday Michael took the entire 3 panes of glass out of the shower to figure out what had happened.  He originally thought they had come of the track but found, with closer inspection, that a small clip had broken and caused the problem.  He fixed it as best as he could for now and called the company to see if they could ship him a new clip.  They’re still in the process of figuring out if they can or not.

I'll just bet you can tell which on is the broken clip!

I’ll just bet you can tell which on is the broken clip!

One good thing came with the whole mess though…with all three panes off glass off the track and separated he was able to give the glass a really good thorough cleaning!

We had Jay & Stella over for dinner – Honey Sesame Chicken, rice, broccoli and Stella brought corn on the cob and apple dumplings for dessert.

Michael built another fire and we circled our chairs around it and relaxed and chatted until about 8:30 pm when it was time for Jay and Stella to go home and let Tramp and Cassie out for a potty break.

Stella, Jay and Michael chillin' in front of the fire

Stella, Jay and Michael chillin’ in front of the fire

While we were gathered around the fire Jay got a call from one of our mutual Heartland friends, Kathy, who was actually calling to talk to us but didn’t have our phone number but knew we were with Jay & Stella.  She called to offer us a job working security at a wind farm…unfortunately they need someone 2 weeks from now and we won’t be ready to go back to work until October 1.

She gave us more information about the job – pay, duties, accommodations, hours etc and it sounds like something we might be interested in and asked her to keep us in mind in the future.

New tablet still in the shipping box!

New tablet still in the shipping box!

Before heading out on today’s venture Jay was good enough to drive us onto Ft. McCoy and take us to the MWR office so that we could pick up some packages we’d had shipped them from Amazon.  We had a few household items we needed to replace (electric frying pan & shower caddy) and then we splurged and bought us each a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Tablet.  We’ll be trying to figure the new tablets out for quite a while I think!

Today we had plans to get together again and drive east on highway 21 to Tunnel City where Michael wanted to walk through an old underground train tunnel that he’d walked through years ago with a couple of soldiers.  When we got to the road to the tunnel we found a ‘Dead End’ sign and a gated off road that didn’t used to be there.

We ended up turning around in defeat.  An older gentleman flagged us down because he said we looked lost.  He told us that you could no longer get to the tunnel as the land was all privately owned now and the land was being used to ‘mine’ frac sand (of all things!).

Hmmm....this train is coming from the underground tunnel Michael wanted us to walk through!

Hmmm….this train is coming from the underground tunnel Michael wanted us to walk through!

When we went to cross the railroad tracks to leave we were interrupted by a train coming from the direction of the tunnel that we had been headed to and that Michael had said was no longer in use!  Geesh…..good thing we couldn’t get to the tunnel…we’d have all been toast!

Next on the agenda was to head about 10 miles or south to Camp Douglas to the German-Haus Restaurant.  For close to 15 years we’ve passed by the restaurant when we’d go to or from Ft. McCoy and I’ve always wanted to try and this time Michael said, “Let’s go”…so I took him up on it.  I’d checked the hours on the internet and looked over their menu and was anticipating a yummy German meal only to get there and find a ‘Closed’ sign and no cars in the parking lot.  I called the number listed on the internet.  A woman answered and explained that they were closed ‘for good’ since June.  Can you say, ‘bummer’??

So we were now 0 for 2 on our agenda for the day!

We ended up back in Tomah at the China Buffet – which wasn’t half bad…the hot and sour soup was really yummy!  We ate our share and chatted for quite a while before heading across the street to Walmart to pick up a few items.

The small space to the left of the leg hole on the right is the area in which the baby's leg was stuck.

The small space to the left of the leg hole on the right is the area in which the baby’s leg was stuck.

As Stella, Michael and I walked into Walmart we noticed a small crowd around a cart with a baby sitting in the seat.  The baby (somewhere between 6 and 8 months I would think) was crying and there were some pretty distressed looks on the adults surrounding him.  Come to find out the baby had gotten his foot caught between the bars next to where his leg was actually supposed to go.  After trying to pull the boys leg free or bend the bars a soldier in uniform went into the store and grabbed a bold cutters off the shelf and just cut the bar to free the leg.  As soon as the baby was free he stopped crying but the mom immediately started crying…all the pent up emotions just let go!

Jay and Stella dropped us off at our coach just a few minutes before 5:00 pm and we all agreed that they’d be back over in an hour or so to enjoy our last campfire of the year together.

Chef Stella creating a work of art!

Chef Stella creating a work of art!

We had another wonderfully enjoyable night just relaxing in our chairs, watching the fire dance around, chatting about nearly everything under the sun.

Fried Ice Cream a la Stella!

Fried Ice Cream a la Stella!

Stella treated us all to her version of Mexican Fried Ice Cream….oh…YUM!  When she first described it I thought…meh…ok…whatever.  But to taste it…it was like eating the real thing.  All she does is takes Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and mashes it up….puts some in the bottom of a bowl and then takes a nice round scoop of vanilla ice cream and forms it into a ball.  Then she rolls the ice cream around in the cereal, drizzle a little honey over the top and you got yourself one heck of a tasty treat!

We sat around chatting until after it turned dark and Jay and Stella knew that poor Tramp and Cassie were doing some serious leg crossing before we decided it was time to call it a night.

Tomorrow we will be ‘breaking camp’ and preparing for our move on Friday.  Jay and Stella are staying here in the park until after Labor Day so we’ll be saying our goodbyes on Friday morning.

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