Oil Change, Chores, Full House & Fish Fry

Posted by on August 15, 2014

Thursday afternoon Michael and Jay went over to the Auto Shop on post so that Michael could use the facilities to change the oil on the truck.  You can rent a bay and/or tools by the hour.

In less than an hour they had the old, icky oil drained from the truck and were ready to install the new oil filter and oil. Unfortunately, they found that we had purchased the wrong oil filter.

I got a phone call asking me to walk over to Jay & Stella’s and ask Stella (doesn’t have the best phone reception) to drive me over to Ft. McCoy so we could pick the guys up and make a run to Walmart in Tomah for the correct oil filter.

I was only back home a little over 1/2 an hour after having finished with making a patio with a circular saw when Michael returned home with a freshly oil changed truck.

Dinner ala Stella

Dinner ala Stella

Stella invited us over for dinner and we had a very enjoyable dinner outside on the picnic table.  She prepared shrimp alfredo, mixed vegetables and home-made cheddar biscuits. She even treated us to home-made snickerdoodles for dessert!

The temperature started to drop and everyone was getting a bit chilly so we called it a night and headed home.  We spent the remainder of the night watching ‘The Kings of Summer’ from the comfort of our bed.

It’s gotten down into the 40s the last couple of nights which makes for excellent sleeping weather.  This morning I was up about 7:15 am and turned on the fireplace to take the chill out of the air.

The majority of my morning was spent working on the project I mentioned a few days ago.  I’m actually doing some work for my son’s employer, ToneFuse.  Nothing hard or taxing…just finding fun and interesting facts about the artists and songs in today’s top 100.  Considering I’ve never heard of most of the songs or artists, for that matter, it can be kind of challenging but I’m liking it. Too bad it couldn’t have been the top songs for the 70s or 80s…that would have been easy stuff!

Can you see the difference??

Can you see the difference??

Michael finally got all the rust removed from the coach steps and also got them sanded.  Today he got the first coat of black paint spray painted onto them.  They already look so much nicer!

The Ft. McCoy commissary is very tiny...what you see here is one side to the other.

The Ft. McCoy commissary is very tiny…what you see here is one side to the other.

I made a run to the commissary this afternoon for my weekly groceries.  While I was gone Michael started working on washing the coach.  The front cap and below it were really in need as the front cap was full of bugs and below had bugs and road spatter from the tires.

Today is Friday….and in Wisconsin that only means one thing….FISH FRY!  We picked Jay and Stella up about 5:45 pm and drove down highway 21 to the Sparta American Legion – about an 8 mile trip.  Michael and I have been there before for their fish fry and remembered it to be good so we thought we’d try it again.

Delicious fish AND chicken

Delicious fish AND chicken

Michael and Jay ordered the fish and Stella and I ordered fried chicken.  Michael and I split our meals and had way more than we could handle!  The meals came with a choice of potato and soup and salad bar.  It was much better than I remembered and would highly recommend it – $9.99 for three very large pieces of fish…well worth it.

One of the sites decorated for this weekends Halloween festivities

One of the sites decorated for this weekends Halloween festivities

When we got back from Sparta drove around the campground to see how filled it had become and were totally shocked at how full it was!  When we got here on Wednesday we were told it was supposed to fill up but since there wasn’t hardly anyone here it was kinda hard to believe.  Well…they were right!  When made our drive through there were only 3 sites open and I’m sure those will either fill tonight or tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is a ‘Halloween’ celebration with trick or treating, a haunted trail, costume contest, smore’s etc.  I think will leave the park for the day to stay away from all the hub bub!




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