Travel Day: Lake Delton, WI To Ft. McCoy, WI

Posted by on August 13, 2014

We only had about 60 miles to travel today and check in time at the campground was noon so we weren’t in a big hurry.  We planned on pulling out at 10:30 and were pulling out at 10:26…not too shabby.

Jay and Stella didn’t have to be anywhere and had no real plans so they decided to go to the FamCamp at Ft. McCoy with us as they allow civilians to stay too.

They wanted to get a new battery for their coach so they left shortly after 9:00 am to have that done and we had nearly perfect timing and pulled onto I90/94 just seconds before they were due to pass us.  They followed us to our destination and it was a smooth ride for both of us.

Hiding out under the shade...that kept moving!

Hiding out under the shade…that kept moving!

We got to the Pine View Recreation Area (which is on Ft. McCoy but not behind any gates) just before noon and got checked in.  We made our way to our sites (26 for us and 31 for them).  Unfortunately, when Jay & Stella drove up to their site they found a site that would barely hold their truck let alone their 38 foot fiver.

They called the office and were told that the only sites available for their stay were way over in no man’s land.  Not a big deal really, I guess.  When they arrived at their new site they found it only had 30 amp rather than the 50 amp of the original site.  When the inquired about the cost difference between and 30 and a 50 amp site they were told there was no difference….don’t know that we’ve ever stayed anywhere that 30 amp was the same price as 50 amp.

With everyone situated in their sites and settled in for their stay we decided to have Jay & Stella over for an early dinner.  They came over shortly before 4:00  and I threw some foil packets on the grill (Opa’s, potatoes, onions, asparagus, carrots, zucchini, corn, etc).

We chatted and enjoyed the beautiful weather while enjoying our dinner.  We got plenty of exercise as we had to keep moving our chairs to stay in the shade.

Jay and Stella headed across the world (ok…campground) about 8:00 pm and Michael and I moved into the house to settle in for the night.  We watched a few shows on the DVR and then called it a night.

We will be here at Ft. McCoy until Friday August 22nd and are looking forward to a quiet, peaceful and relaxing stay.

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