Last Day Of The Rally

Posted by on August 10, 2014
Heartland family saying goodbye

Heartland family saying goodbye

We were up much earlier than we cared for this morning…but we wanted to make sure we got a chance to say our goodbye’s to those that were leaving this morning.

Judy and Stella...this is not an uncommon site when Judy is in attendance!

Judy and Stella…this is not an uncommon sight when Judy is in attendance!

There was a continental breakfast at 8:00 am and we made it there about 8:30.  We enjoyed some muffins and brats from Friday night’s Brat Fry.  We visited with Ed & Kathy, who are newer owners and live in Michigan.  We also spent some time chatting with Dan, Karen and Jay.  We got hugs and handshakes from several others.

We ended up chatting until nearly 11:00 am when we decided to walk around the park and say our goodbyes….but we didn’t get very far as we stopped at Bernie & Judy’s.  Judy was giving Stella a hair cut and I stayed and chatted for a while while Michael went over to join the crowd that was watching a couple load their smart car onto the back of the semi that they haul their 24,000 pound Teton 5th wheel with.

We met back at home after a while.  Michael got up on the roof as he wanted to clean the air conditioners and also check on our 2 vent fans (got one working, jury’s still out on the other).  One fan works fine but the cover won’t open and the other one the cover opens but the fan doesn’t work.  As far as we know/remember they both worked fine when we parked the coach for 2 months.  The one he did get fixed turned out to be a missing screw on the fan blade that allowed the blade to drop and rub, not allowing it to turn.

A small group of people who didn’t leave today decided to take the Lost Canyon Tour and the Mid-Continent Train Ride we opted out as we were tired, had done it before and/or had work that needed to get done.

Still a nice assortment of dishes to choose from.

Still a nice assortment of dishes to choose from.

Many of us that are still here (about 25) met back at the ‘rally hall’ at 5:00 pm for an after the rally leftover potluck.  There was beef from last nights potluck, potato salad, cole slaw and cowboy beans from Friday’s brat fry, a few dishes from last nights potluck and several desserts from Thursday’s meet & great.

We were back home about 6:30 pm and I immediately put my pajamas on and settled in for the night.  Michael finished up some work he’d been doing outside.

There was a campfire over at Mike K’s place and he popped his world-famous campfire popcorn.  Michael went over for the fire for a while but I stayed home to vegetate.

Busy day tomorrow so it will be an early to bed kinda night.

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