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False Alarm & Amish Day

Just about midnight last night the hotel’s fire alarms went off.  I was still awake reading and Michael and been asleep just a few minutes.  We got dressed, I grabbed my purse, our phones and Michael’s wallet and started out the door.  People were in the hallways and standing in their doorways trying to determine … Continue reading »

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Heartland Factory Tour

This afternoon we took the Heartland factory tour.  We chose to tour the Landmark, Bighorn, Big Country since we own a Landmark. Before we went inside we noticed a new Landmark in the parking lot…different than we’d ever seen.  On the side was written Landmark Three Sixty Five.  It took us by surprise and provided … Continue reading »

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Travel Day: Terre Haute, IN To Elkhart, IN

Early day!  We were up about 5:40 am and on the road a few minutes after 6:00 am.  The only good thing about being up that early was the beautiful red sunrise we witnessed.  Unfortunately, my camera wasn’t able to capture the beautiful shade of red. We made a quick stop at McDonald’s for breakfast … Continue reading »

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Travel Day: Sikeston, MO To Terre Haute, IN

I was awake way too early this morning….about 5:30 am and finally crawled out of bed shortly after 6:00 am.  Michael followed suit about 20 minutes later.  We were finished with breakfast by 7:30 am!  Good grief. With such an early start we were able to make the bed, do the breakfast dishes and button … Continue reading »

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Travel Day: Glenwood, AR To Sikeston, MO

We were awake shortly after 6:30 am but didn’t get out of bed until 7:00 am.  We didn’t have much to do in order to pull out – make the bed, stow a few items inside, retract the power cord, stow a few items in the bed of the truck, pull up the jacks, pull … Continue reading »

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