Laundry, Lunch, Toes & A CampFire

Posted by on July 31, 2014

Had a knock on our door at 7:30 this morning to let us know they were going to turn the power off as they were running some kind of test or something.  Once woken up I was up for the day.  The power was back on in about 15 minutes…they could have just let us sleep and we would have been none the wiser!  Oh well.

My laundry helper

My laundry helper

We had originally planned for today to be a stay at home for a do nothing day…unfortunately that didn’t happen.  We decided that we had to do the laundry as the hamper was packed full and Michael was on his last pair of boxers!  Since we don’t have sewer here and we had way more laundry to do than normal we decided to take it to a laundromat and get it done and over with.

The closest laundromat is in Oconomowoc, about 12 miles away.  It took us about an hour and a half to get everything washed, dried and folded which isn’t bad at all.  It gave me a chance to spend some time with my trusty old Kindle and Michael a chance to walk over to True Value and pick up a few odds and ends he needed for some miscellaneous projects around the house.

Lots of yummy veggies!  Thank goodness for leftovers!

Lots of yummy veggies! Thank goodness for leftovers!

We had lunch at Feng’s Kitchen while we were in town.  It was time for my Chinese fix and my wonderful husband indulged me.  Michael had his usual sweet & sour chicken with egg drop soup and I ordered garlic chicken with hot & sour soup.  Michael likes vegetables (carrots, onion & green pepper) with his sweet & sour chicken and most places seem to have gotten away from serving veggies with the dish so he is now in the habit of order a small order of steamed vegetables on the side.  We also ordered an order of crab rangoon and it was some of the best we’ve had in a while.  Our dishes were both very good mine could have had a little more flavor but it was still good.



We also pampered our toes while we were out and about.  My 30th high school reunion is this Saturday…my toes gotta be at their best, you know!

When we arrived back home we found that we had a neighbor…which we figured we would.  So we now have 2 campers in the park.  I was wrong yesterday when I said that there was 9 sites…there’s actually only 8!  It’s just so peaceful here I’m afraid what it will be like this weekend when it’s supposed to be full!

We spent the afternoon relaxing outside and enjoying the beautiful weather.  Michael did a little putzing around – trying out some Rust-O-Leum on our steps as they’re pretty rusted and worn and it’s easy to tell where our old step covers were.

Yummy, Yummy!

Yummy, Yummy!

While we were relaxing outside John, the park handyman, stopped by to see if we needed anything and stayed to chat for a while.  He’s such a friendly guy and this park is so peaceful and quiet it will certainly become a parking spot if we ever need to be near the Milwaukee area again.

We grilled some filets for dinner and accompanied that with grilled potatoes, zucchini & asparagus.  We enjoyed our dinner outside at the picnic table and afterward adjourned to the fire pit as Michael had started a fire just before dinner.

We’d only been sitting by the fire for a short while when our neighbor came by to chat a bit.  He and his wife are here just til Saturday as that was all that was available.  His wife joined us as not too long after him but neither stayed very long as the mosquitoes seemed to come out in droves!

I retreated inside to slather myself with Skin So Soft and Michael wasn’t too far behind.  We went back outside to fix some s’mores but didn’t last much longer after we finished our treats.  The Skin So Soft helped for a little while…but not long enough!  Before the mosquitoes were in full attack mode again we gave in and went inside.  Tomorrow we’ll be more prepared!


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