Travel Day – Great Lakes, IL To Ixonia, WI

Posted by on July 30, 2014
A bar on every corner??

A bar on every corner??

We only had about 90 miles to travel today so we weren’t in a big hurry.  We had breakfast, put away the few things that needed to be stowed, unhooked the power and hitched up…dropping the garbage off as we pulled out of the park.

One of many small downtowns we drove threw

One of many small down towns we drove through

We chose to stay off the toll road and avoid driving through Milwaukee so we drove the ‘back roads’ which meant passing through lots of small town, traffic lights and of course, road construction.

We could easily tell when we passed over into Wisconsin as bars and taverns seemed to pop up all over!  🙂  The drive was very pretty as we drove through farmlands and lots of little town with quaint downtown areas.

Harnischfeger Park - Site 3

Harnischfeger Park – Site 3

We arrived at Harnischfeger Park in Ixonia, Wisconsin about 1:30 (yes, it took us nearly 3 hours to go 90 miles! )  The park only has 9 campsites and sits, on the Rock River.  There are several walking trails and a dock for fishing.  We are currently the only people here but are told that it will be full for the weekend.  We’re here for a week.

In talking with the man who kinda runs the park we were told that the park used to be owned by Harnischfeger Corporation, a Milwaukee based company that makes large mining machinery.  Harnischfeger sold the park to Dodge County and part of the deal was that 3 times per year Harnischfeger was allowed sole access to the park for the employee picnics.  The company picnics are attended by about 2500 people!

My dad actually worked for Harnischfeger when he came back from World War II.  So maybe…my dad was here at this park many, many years ago.  Hmmmm

Brother Rick

Brother Rick

My brother, Rick, works nearby in Hartland and got off of work at 2:00 pm and drove over to visit.  Rick is #3 of 6 kids in our family and I am #6.  Rick was 14 when I was born but took the time to show his baby sister how to color within the lines and also how to write my name in cursive!  I was the only person in my kindergarten class that knew how to write my name…and in cursive no less!

We showed Rick around our home as he’d never seen it, did a lot of chatting and ate dinner outside on the picnic table.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous although about 8:00 pm it started getting a bit nippy and we moved inside.  Shortly before 9:00 pm Rick headed out on his nearly 1 hour drive to Oak Creek and we set out in search of some ice…we finally found some about 10 miles down the road!

Now it’s time to put our feet up and relax for a while before we hit the hay.  Another good day in the books.


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