SO Good To Be Home!!

Posted by on July 29, 2014

I slept SO good last night.  Probably a little bit of knowing that we are home for good now and the cool breeze coming in the open windows and let’s not forget the sound of the waves of Lake Michigan crashing against the rocks.  Ahhhh….

At 7:05 am I was awoken by the sound of sailors singing cadence as they jogged down the road behind the campground.  It’s not something that bothers me…it actually reminds me of how proud I am to be a military wife.  I got out of bed shortly after the singing sailors went by as I had quite a few things that I wanted to get done.

Breakfast of champions...thanks to good friends!

Breakfast of champions…thanks to good friends!

Just before I started to make breakfast we had a couple stop by that are interested in a Landmark Grand Canyon.  We chatted with them for quite a while explaining the changes to the Landmark, the forum, the owners club and about things in general. We gave them our card and told them to contact us if they had anymore questions.  Maybe we just helped our Heartland to grow!

After visiting I finished making breakfast and it felt SO good to be eating breakfast at OUR table in OUR home.  We even got to open a jar of home-made muscadine jelly that was given to us by Michael’s friend, Brock, while we were in Arkansas.

We had a few errands to run today.  First was a drive over to the Camping World in Wauconda (about 20 miles west) so that we could exchange our club chairs using the replacement plan.  We’d already replaced them once and they just didn’t hold up so it was time to get new.  We bought the 2-year replacement plan again as the chairs seem to only last about a year.  They’re just so comfy we don’t wanna give up on ’em.

While we were at the candy store (aka Camping World!) we bought new ‘rugs’ for the outdoor steps as we threw our old ones away when we left the oil patch.  They were 3 years old and in pretty bad shape.  We also picked up a couple of new marshmallow/hot dog roasting forks along with a few other odds and ends.  It never fails when we go into a Camping World we spend WAY too much!

Tasty...ground beef, Canadian bacon, onions and green peppers

Tasty…ground beef, Canadian bacon, onions and green peppers

We had a late lunch at JJ Twig’s Pizza & Pub.  We went with pizza as its been a while since we’ve had a good pizza.  We were very happy with the pizza and it did it’s job of satisfying the pizza craving.

So peaceful...

So peaceful…

Before going home we stopped at both the NEX (Navy speak for PX) and the commissary.  Neither is located on base which we find strange…but Great Lakes is quite spread out so several things aren’t on base.  I picked up a dress for my class reunion this weekend and Michael was in need of a new wallet and found one that will work.  We picked up enough groceries to last us until we are at Ft. McCoy and can shop at the commissary there (August 7th).

Our new popcorn popper.  Similar to a Whirly Pop but induction compatible.

Our new popcorn popper. Made by the makers  of the Whirley Pop but induction compatible.

We finally made it home about 7:00 pm.  After getting the groceries put away we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and sit on one of the benches along Lake Michigan.  They’re just across the road from our site which makes it really convenient.  We enjoyed the view and the sound of the surf until the bugs arrived and drove us inside.

I used the new “induction friendly” popcorn popper that we purchased from Yoder Popcorn last week and popped us up some popcorn to snack on while we relaxed.  The popper did a great job…very few unpopped kernels!  If you’re interested HERE is a link so that you can get your very own Sweet & Easy Snack Machine!



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