Lunch With Family

Posted by on July 24, 2014

We had a fairly quiet day today…staying around the hotel room (I used the hotel laundry to wash clothes) until we drove to Goshen to meet mamaReta and Dick for a late lunch at 2:00 pm.  We met at the Little American as we’d all been there before and enjoyed it.

The food at the Little American is pretty darn good.  Michael had a burger, Dick and I each had what they call a Manhattan (bread covered in sliced meat, mashed potatoes and all covered in gravy) – he had beef I had turkey and mamaReta and icky liver and onions…although she loved it.

Michael and I with mamaReta and Dick

Michael and I with mamaReta and Dick

We met Dick & Reta at the Tampa Supershow in January 2012 and Reta and I made an instant connection and I unofficially adopted myself out…hence the mamaReta.  Unfortunately, we don’t get to see each other very often but are able to keep in touch via Facebook.

Dick and mamaReta are in the area to have their Big Horn worked on as well.  Reta’s cousin lives in Goshen so they’re staying with them while the coach is in the shop.

We had a good visit…catching up each others comings and goings, discussing our mutual coach woes, hearing how our mutual friends are doing, who bought new coaches at this years national rally, etc.  Before long it was time to part ways again…which we did with lots of hugs.



We did some Munzeeing before going home as there are quite a few in the area due to friends, Jim B, Jay C & Bernie V.  We capped roughly 30 each and of course each deployed each one to continue our streak.  We are on day 13 of 31 for the badge we’re working on.

Once we got back to Elkhart Michael dropped me off at the hotel and then he went off to wash the truck.  After sitting in Mike’s mom’s yard (on a dirt road, next to a cow pasture) for 2 months it was, once again, in need of a bath.  So off he went, armed with armor all, window cleaner and towels, in search of a car wash.

OH!  I almost forgot!  I’ve pretty much figured out my new phone and got everything switched from the old one to the new. Our old phones have sucked for quite some time but the last 2 weeks or so they have been almost unuseable.  We constantly got messages that some program or another wasn’t responding…even the flippin’ home screen!  I’ve sworn since we ordered our new ones that as soon as I had everything switched over to the new phone I was going to run it over with the truck.  Today was the day!  Although I had Michael drive the truck so that I could video tape it…unfortunately I must not have quite figured out how to video tape with my new phone cuz it didn’t work!  BUT….I DO have a picture of the end result….and let me tell you….IT FELT GOOOOOD!!

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