Heartland Factory Tour

Posted by on July 22, 2014
The new Landmark Three Sixty Five logo

The new Landmark Three Sixty Five logo

This afternoon we took the Heartland factory tour.  We chose to tour the Landmark, Bighorn, Big Country since we own a Landmark.

Before we went inside we noticed a new Landmark in the parking lot…different than we’d ever seen.  On the side was written Landmark Three Sixty Five.  It took us by surprise and provided us with our first question to our tour guide, Scott.  Scott is relatively new to Heartland and works in Sales.

The nearly bare chasis

The nearly bare chassis

We had 5 other people join us for the tour…none of them being current Heartland owners.  I think that the factory employees knock off before 3:00 pm (when the tours take place) so when we walked through everything was quiet.

We started out looking at a pretty bare chassis – it was equipped with black, grey & fresh water tanks, some wiring, PEX for water and some insulation.  Scott explained about 6 point leveling system, insulation, underbelly material etc.

Carpet & vinyl flooring installed

Carpet & vinyl flooring installed

Our next stop showed flooring – laminated plywood and styrofoam on an aluminum frame.  In the same area we were able to view the floors covered with vinyl flooring and carpet.

Some fixtures starting to go into place

Some fixtures starting to go into place

When the flooring is in place it’s time for some of the fixtures to go into place.  Things like islands, built in cabinets and dressers.  This is also when the walls for the bathroom are built and the bathroom fixtures (shower, toilet & sink) and set in place.

Next to be set into place are the outside walls and the roof.   All windows, doors and vent openings are precut before the walls go into place.  Electrical wires, TV and satellite cables are all installed in the roof and walls before installation as well.

Various slides to be inserted into the coaches

Various slides to be inserted into the coaches

The slides are nearly the last thing to go into each coach.  It looked like any built in furniture or cabinetry is already in place when the slide is installed in the coach.  Cabinet doors and drawers, appliances etc seem to be placed once the slide is in shape.

It’s interesting that it only takes about 2 days to complete a coach from start to finish.  We were told today about 17 1/2 hours total…but that’s with numerous people performing the various tasks.  Wow!

Tom M giving us an up close and personal tour of the new LM365 - Newport

Tom M giving us an up close and personal tour of the new LM365 – Newport

As we neared the end of the tour we were joined by Tom M., the new Landmark general manager.  Tom has a lot of experience in the RV industry, having worked with both Carriage & Redwood.

Tom explained to us more about the new Landmark Three Sixty Five.  The Three Sixty Five refers to 365 days a year or full-timing…so these coaches will be geared toward full-time RVers.  They will still be considered luxury coaches and in my opinion really be worthy of that title.

Tom took us into one of the new Landmark Three Sixty Five models…a Newport.  He had us sit down and he highlighted all of the new features he’s included in this model.  Frills like pop-up electrical outlets, two-way cabinets that can be opened on either side of the island, easy access to the kitchen plumbing, a plate drawer, option of a 3rd air conditioning unit, induction cooktop, optional dishwasher…just to name a FEW!

We were SO impressed with Tom and the direction that he is taking these new Landmark’s that we are again excited to be Landmark owners.  For us the Landmark seemed to be at a stalemate in recent years and we sometimes wondered why/if we’d purchase another Landmark in the future.  If things continue to move forward as they are now…there is NO doubt we’ll purchase another Landmark when the time comes.

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  1. rpward51

    I think you need one of those 365 units. Be just the thing for ya’!

  2. Jessica Riker

    I wish you could have taken some pictures!! I am so looking forward to seeing what these changes look like!!

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