Travel Day: Sikeston, MO To Terre Haute, IN

Posted by on July 20, 2014
Fill 'er up!

Fill ‘er up!

I was awake way too early this morning….about 5:30 am and finally crawled out of bed shortly after 6:00 am.  Michael followed suit about 20 minutes later.  We were finished with breakfast by 7:30 am!  Good grief.

Today's special?  Sandwiches!

Today’s special? Sandwiches!

With such an early start we were able to make the bed, do the breakfast dishes and button everything up and hit the road by 8:45 am.  We only had 255 miles to travel today so we knew it wasn’t going to be a long haul.

We stopped about 10:15 in Marion, Illinois to fill up with diesel.  We paid $3.89 per gallon for a grand total of $265.00 in both tanks.  That should get us all the way to Elkhart and then some.

Our Kelly’s Kitchen stop didn’t end up happening until we hit the Indiana Welcome Center, which was only 12 miles from our destination!  We were ready for a break, getting hungry and needed to deploy and cap a Munzee in order to keep our streak going…so we stopped!  LOL

Terre Haute KOA - site 48

Terre Haute KOA – site 48

We pulled into site 48 at the Terre Haute KOA about 3:15 pm.  It’s a pull through with 50 amp and water, no sewer.  Once again we just parked, leveled up a bit and plugged in the power and we were set for the night.

We’ve never been to this park before but from what I can see it’s pretty nice…wooded, fairly level sites with picnic tables, a swimming pool, restaurant…and quiet.  We like quiet.

However, it’s a bit more pricey than we care to pay.  Tonight’s stay is $44.39 with NO sewer.  We chose to forego the sewer as it would have cost even more.  That would be the reason we don’t stay at KOA’s very often.

Dona & Walter - so good to see old friends again after so many years.

Dona & Walter – so good to see old friends again after so many years.

We had a dinner date with a man (and his wife) Michael worked with several years ago when he was with B Co 397th EN BN out of Dodgeville, WI.  Walter worked HHC 397th EN CO out of Eau Claire, WI.  The 4 of us would see each other at the yearly military balls and kept in contact via Christmas cards.  I think it’s been at least 9 years since we’ve seen them so we were looking forward to getting together.

Chimichanga meal

Chimichanga meal

Walter & Dona picked us up at the KOA and took us to Real Hacienda for dinner.  I was actually quite surprised at how good the food was… was wonderful!  I had a chimichanga and Michael and enchiladas and both were very good.  I would go back in a heartbeat!

Enchilada platter

Enchilada platter

Now to say that the food was excellent…the company was even better.  We chatted, reminisced and caught up on each others lives at the restaurant for over 3 hours and then when the brought us back to the park we showed them around the coach (they’re not familiar with RVing AT ALL) inside and out and then chatted some more.  We all agreed that we needed to make sure to give them a call the next time we’re in the area.

Tomorrow our destination is the Heartland RV factory in Elkhart, Indiana.  We’ll be dropping the coach off in order to have some work done and it will be there all week.  The work that is being done will be done on the front cap area of the coach so we were asked to remove everything from the bedroom closet and from underneath the bed.  That was the first thing we did when we got settled into our site.  All of the clothes fit nicely around the dining room table along with a few other items.  We also have a few boxes loaded with items and the fit into the shower.  Now we’re all set.



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