Travel Day: Glenwood, AR To Sikeston, MO

Posted by on July 19, 2014
Saying goodbye...

Saying goodbye…

We were awake shortly after 6:30 am but didn’t get out of bed until 7:00 am.  We didn’t have much to do in order to pull out – make the bed, stow a few items inside, retract the power cord, stow a few items in the bed of the truck, pull up the jacks, pull in the slides and hook up.

Fresh peaches...thanks, Brock!

Fresh peaches…thanks, Brock!

While Michael finished up outside I went into the house and made us some breakfast sandwiches.  Michael sliced up the fresh peaches we were given yesterday by Brock and we enjoyed our breakfast while chatting with Alice.

Clearing the way of low-hanging branches

Clearing the way of low-hanging branches

Our goal was to pull out about 9:00 am.  Unfortunately, we didn’t pull out of the driveway until 9:15 am and by the time we got down Alice’s road to the highway it was 9:39.  In the 2 months that the coach has been parked at Alice’s the tree limbs had grown over the road again and I had to drive down the road while Michael road on top of the coach clearing the way of branches.  Just think….we get to do it all over again in December!  LOL

Kelly's Kitchen, somewhere, Arkansas

Kelly’s Kitchen, somewhere, Arkansas

We stopped just once….at Kelly’s Kitchen for lunch.  We ate our lunch pretty quickly but then spent another 30 minutes or so capping Munzees around the area….22 of them to be exact!

We made pretty good time and made it to Sikeston, Missouri shortly after 4:00 pm.  We stopped at Walmart in town to pick up some batteries for the TPMS and then stopped for dinner.

My seat at the bar was right next to the piano was awesome!

My seat at the bar was right next to the piano player…it was awesome!

We had dinner at Lambert’s Cafe.  There are 3 locations…2 in Missouri and 1 in Alabama…if you’ve never been…you’ve gotta find your way to one.  We were here almost 2 years ago with Mike’s mom and we’ve also been to the Foley, Alabama location.  The food is good and the entertainment is great!  Be prepared to catch a few ‘throwed rolls’!

Great view of the 'throwin'

Great view of the ‘throwin’

When we first arrived we were told it would be a 2 hour wait (there were people everywhere!) but when we said we didn’t want to wait that long the hostess asked if we minded sitting at the bar.  We told her we didn’t care where we sat so she checked to see if there were seats available….and there were!  We decided these were the best seats in the house as we could see all of the action!

The bar only holds 4 people and shortly after we sat down a father and son joined us.  We had a good time chatting with them and through them we found out that the entrees were ‘all you can eat’…something we didn’t know but will keep in mind.  Not that we can ever finish what we’re originally served.

You're drooling, aren't you??

You’re drooling, aren’t you??

We each ordered the chicken fried steak, which comes with mashed potatoes and 2 sides.  Then, of course there’s the pass-arounds…fried okra (yum!), fried potatoes, black eyed peas, macaroni & maters and of course the humongous rolls.  We both got our fill and have at least one more meal of leftovers (maybe 2!) in our future!

We pulled into Hinton RV Park about 6:45 pm and just had to pick up our paperwork from the office as we’d called ahead and paid in case we didn’t make it before the office closed at 7:00 pm.

We set up in site 31, a pull through, right across from the office without unhooking.  Michael plugged in the power and flushed the tanks since they hadn’t been flushed in a couple of months and then we settled in for the night.




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