Epic Brewery, Cafe Rio & TXBobCat

Posted by on July 15, 2014

We did it!  We were awarded our 5×5 badges overnight!  Woohoo!

Epic Brewing - a small brewery in Salt Lake City

Epic Brewing – a small brewery in Salt Lake City

We started our day with a yummy breakfast….eggs, bacon & toast.  Zack took a day of leave so that we could spend the day together.  Unfortunately, since Kelsea has only been with her company a couple of months she doesn’t have any vacation accrued she wasn’t able to take the day off.

After breakfast Zack took Paityn to the clinic on Hill AFB as she seemed to be having an adverse reaction to some bug bites and they just wanted to have it checked out.  When they were done with her appointment he dropped her off at school and headed back home.

Zack planned a tour date for the 3 of us at Epic Brewery in Salt Lake City.  Our tour time was for 11:00 am but we ended up running late so Zack called and let them know we would be there about 11:15.  When we arrived they didn’t really seem to know that we were coming and the person that normally did the tours was out sick so it took a while for them to find someone to do the tour.  It’s a pretty small place so it didn’t seem like a big deal.

When the person that was elected to provide us with the tour came out to meet us he informed me that my flip flops wouldn’t work and asked if I had another pair of shows I could wear….I didn’t.  They offered to get me a pair of the brewers boots but I declined.  I chose to wait in the ‘tapless tap room’ while Michael and Zack took the approximate 1/2 an hour tour.

Turkey, bacon, cheese, lettuce, avocado and bacon.....ohhhh man

Turkey, bacon, cheese, lettuce, avocado and bacon…..ohhhh man

The ‘tapless tap room’ is a mini bar with 6 stools where the tasting goes on and they also serve sandwiches.  Utah law is such that in order to drink alcohol in an establishment you must also have something to eat.  Michael and Zack tried about 6 or 8 different beers and seemed to enjoy themselves.  I’m not a beer drinker (at all!) so I stuck to a Sprite.  However, I did take a sip of one made with peaches and a sour apple beer….both were ‘yucky’!

The sandwiches were excellent as was the chili that both Michael and I tried.  The young guy that was making the sandwiches and providing the beer tasting was very friendly and a wealth of knowledge when it came to the various beers that the brewery offered.  He made the whole experience worth while.

The family heading into Cafe Rio...couldn't see my screen in the sun!

The family heading into Cafe Rio…couldn’t see my screen in the sun!

One of our Texas Heartland friends is in Ogden for a few days and we made plans to meet him for dinner at Cafe Rio in South Ogden.  Bob lost his wife last December but continues to fulltime and travel.  This trip will take him into Canada, via Oregon where he will be visiting his cousin.

Bob C (TXBobCat) - one of the sweetest men you'll ever wanna meet.

Bob C (TXBobCat) – one of the sweetest men you’ll ever wanna meet.

Michael, Bob and I had never been to Cafe Rio but thought it was ok…not necessarily somewhere we’d flock to…but if someone asked us to join them there…we’d go.  Michael and I split a chicken quesadilla and each had a cup of chicken tortilla soup.  I really enjoyed the soup and would love to have it again.  I’m not a big quesadilla fan as once the cool off I don’t find them real appetizing.

We we enjoyed most was the time we got with Bob.  We’ve never really gotten any one on one time with Bob and really enjoyed getting to know him better.  We were able to visit about an hour and a half but could certainly have spent several more hours chatting.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before get a chance to visit again.

We fly out tomorrow.  Headed back to Arkansas and our home…it’s been 2 months and we are very excited to get back to our own home, our own bed and our own routine.  We have an extremely early (6:30 am) flight and arrive in Little Rock about 2:00 pm.  We’ll have to move the coach back into place and get it hooked up and the slides opened when we get back to Mike’s mom’s house.  Then we have a 6:00 pm dinner date with friend, Cherie.  It’s gonna be a LONG day!

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