Ikea, Sweet’s And Munzee

Posted by on July 13, 2014

Thursday morning Michael was up early to drive Zack to the airport…they left the house about 5:30 am.  Zack had to fly to Richmond, Virginia for a military planning conference over the weekend.

Resting on some chairs...we took lots of breaks since we weren't feeling the best.

Resting on some chairs…we took lots of breaks since we weren’t feeling the best.



Michael and I took the day to spend some time wandering through the Draper, Utah Ikea.  They have some pretty interesting merchandise and it’s fun to walk around and check things out.  We planned our visit to include lunch.  They have a small cafeteria and the big draw is Swedish meatballs…which we ordered, along with an order of chicken tenders.  We split both meals.

After lunch we continued on to traverse the bottom floor.  (we did the top floor before lunch).  We took lots of breaks…sitting on couches, chairs, beds, stools…you name it.  The darn ‘illness’ we contracted had me tiring very quickly so Michael was good enough to ‘humor’ and let me take as many rest stops as needed.

We were at the store about 3 hours and by the time we were finished our tummies we letting us know that they didn’t really approve of all the walking around.  We thought we were feeling much better after our illness but found the when our tummies sloshed around too much we still weren’t 100%.

Gorgeous view from Ikea's front door

Gorgeous view from Ikea’s front door

On the way back home we stopped off at Sweet’s Candy Factory to pick up some salt water taffy.  We visited the factory last year (click HERE) and were able to tour the factory.  Unfortunately, they no longer offer the tour but you can still view a video and visit the candy store.  They have some pretty good deals normally.

Since our stomach’s still weren’t feeling the best be both opted for soup for dinner.  Michael ran to the nearest Chinese restaurant and picked up a quart of hot and sour for me and a quart of egg drop for himself.  Kelsea and the kids ate leftovers.  It was the first food in 3 days that didn’t leave my stomach gurgling!

Kelsea and Paityn capping a Munzee

Kelsea and Paityn capping a Munzee

Friday was a pretty quiet day.  Zack in Virginia, Kelsea at work and the kids at school.  Other than relaxing we made a quick run to the commissary for a few items.

We made plans to meet one of our Heartland friends, Bob C., for dinner Tuesday evening.  He’s driving north toward Oregon and will be stopping for a few nights in Ogden.  Can’t wait to see him and do some catching up!

Paityn and Papaw strolling down Antelope Road.

Paityn and Papaw strolling down Antelope Road.

Saturday was a special Munzee day.  Each regular Munzee that you deployed or captured was worth 3 times its normal value.

Michael, Kelsea, the kids and I went out for about 2 hours and created a Barnett Trail.  In that 2 hours we each earned about 900 points and gained some exercise to boot.  It was pretty darn hot and the sun was high in the sky and I think everyone got a little bit of sunburn too….not what was intended!

By the time we got home we were all hot and tired.  We ate a quick lunch, the kids layed down for their naps and the adults vegged.

Zack flew back into Salt Lake City early this afternoon.  While Kelsea went to pick him up Michael and I stayed with the kids.  Cameron was napping and Paityn played with her stickers making for a nice quiet few hours.

We have just 2 full days left here in Utah.  The time has flown by faster than I would have imagined it would.  We are both looking forward to being back in our own home, in our own bed.  But will miss our sons, their wives and our grandbabies terribly.




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