A Little Of this And A Little Of That…

Posted by on June 29, 2014
Alex's cheering section!

Alex’s cheering section!

Thursday was Dan and Amanda’s 4th wedding anniversary (although they’ve been together since they were in high school).  Dan took the day off and everyone kinda did their own thing.  Although we did get a game of cribbage in.

Just swimmin' along...

Just swimmin’ along…

Michael and I had some errands to run and stopped at Chili’s for lunch.  Afterward we met everyone else at the gym to watch Alex during his swim lesson.  He’s come a long way since we’ve been here and has become comfortable with his instructor and no long cries.  I think that with 5 family members there to cheer him on he had the biggest fan club out of anyone!

Dan and Amanda went out for dinner for their anniversary, but unfortunately weren’t too pleased with the place.  Nana & Papaw stayed home with the boys and watch Mickey Mouse and ate popcorn.

Friday evening Dan and Amanda got together with some friends and played poker…and came out losers.  Nana and Papaw and the boys stayed home and relaxed in front of the TV.  The boys were in bed shortly after 9:00 and Nana and Papaw followed about an hour later.

Preparing for relaxation

Preparing for relaxation

Saturday was double date day.  Dan and Amanda called one of their babysitters to stay with the boys while the rest of us headed out.  Our first stop was at Angeltips for pedicures and manicures.  We had a short wait but were able to wait in the massage chairs while the ladies finished up with other customers.  We were all pleased with the services we received and for $51 for two people the price was right too!

From there we headed to the Regal Deer Park Stadium theater to watch a movie.  We had a gift card (Thank you, Zack & Kelsea!!) so our tickets were free!  Mike and I saw The Fault in Our Stars while Dan and Amanda saw 22 Jump Street.  We couldn’t all decide on one movie to see so this worked just as well.  The movies started within 5 minutes of each other and ended within 10 minutes of each other.

Fresh baked rolls at Texas Roadhouse are awesome!

Fresh baked rolls at Texas Roadhouse are awesome!

Michael and I really enjoyed the movie we saw and Amanda and Dan were happy with the movie they saw too.  The theater is in an outdoor mall so after the movie we walked over to Old Navy as they were have a big sale….flip flops $1.00 per pair and 40% off everything else in the store.  We all found a few things and then waited in the long line (which didn’t take too terribly long) to check out.

After the movie we stopped at Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  We’d called ahead to be put on the list for a table and had about 10 minute wait when we arrived.  We enjoyed a few appetizers (onion blossom & fried pickles) before our dinners came.  Amanda and I both had steak dishes while Dan had a pulled pork sandwich and Mike had chicken fried steak.  Michael wasn’t real pleased with his meal but the rest of us enjoyed our meals.

This morning Michael and Dan worked on getting the heating and air conditioning running into the 4th bedroom.  The work that they did involved working in the attic which, of course, was hot, hot, hot!  Thankfully, they got it completed within a couple of hours and were able to come downstairs and enjoy the air conditioning.

We spent the afternoon getting our fill of game playing in since it will be a while before we get to play games together again.  We ended up playing a game of Sheepshead (Mike won), a game of Euchre (Dan & I won), a game of Cribbage (Mike won) and a very long game of Munchkin (Dan won)….poor Amanda didn’t win at anything!

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