A Day At The Zoo

Posted by on June 18, 2014

Tuesday morning Amanda, the boys and myself made the journey to the Mitchel Field Commissary in Garden City.  It’s about a 45 minute trek or so but that can change depending on traffic.  We had luck on our side and had a smooth trip there and back.  We picked up groceries for our last two weeks stay and Amanda stocked up on meat while she had the chance. The prices are considerably less than at the civilian grocery stores here on Long Island.

We’ve been talking with the kids about making our reservations for our 30th anniversary cruise and yesterday I called and talked with a consultant.  He was able to get us 3 rooms next to each other, gave us lots of perks for our anniversary and lock in a sale price so I reserved the rooms!  The kids currently have 2 adjoining interior rooms but are considering changing to balcony rooms (which we have) and can do that with no problem until March of 2015.  Woohoo!  We’re going cruising….all TEN of us!

We made it!

We made it!

Wednesday morning Amanda and I headed out by 10:00 am and took another long trek…this time to the Bronx!  After a 53 minute car ride we arrived at the Bronx Zoo.

Admission prices are pretty high:  $33.95 for the Total Experience or $16.95 for general admission.  If you just go with the general admission you don’t get to see the monkeys, lions, butterflies and a bunch more stuff.  On Wednesday’s it’s ‘donation’ day.  Pay what you’d like or get the Total Experience for just $14.95.  Naturally, we chose to visit on Wednesday!

Even a bath in mud looked good in today's heat!

Even a bath in mud looked good in today’s heat!

Our first excursion was on the monorail that took us through the Asia exhibit.  We saw a tiger, horses, elephants, a rhino bathing in the mud, numerous deer-like creatures and assorted other animals.  The monorail is one of their newer additions and it was a nice ride.

We wandered around and visited various other animals:  monkeys, fish, turtles, otters, tapirs, etc.  It was a very hot day (90s) and many of the animals were hiding in the shade or taking naps.   Alex loved seeing so many animals and as soon as he’d see a new animal he was familiar with he’d tell us the sound that they make.  Duck = quack, monkey = oo oo, ah ah, snake = sssss  and so forth.

Alex made a new friend and really like getting up close and personal

Alex made a new friend and really like getting up close and personal

We stopped for lunch about 1:00 pm hoping to miss most of the lunch rush and we did!  We were able to find a table inside the air conditioned cafe and enjoyed our lunch while bathing in cool air conditioning.  We enjoyed the coolness so much that our lunch lasted nearly an hour.

This guy isn't afraid of no snakes!

This guy isn’t afraid of no snakes!

After lunch we hit the ‘Congo’ where we saw a baby giraffe and several gorillas along with various other animals.  In that same area we also saw a beautiful flock of flamingos and took a walk through the butterfly garden.  Alex LOVED seeing all the many butterflies fluttering around and even got to sit down and watch the koi swim around in a small pond.  However, it was WAY hotter and more humid in the butterfly garden than it was outside!  We all came out dripping in sweat.

Nana and Alex in the Butterfly garden watching the big fish swim

Nana and Alex in the Butterfly garden watching the big fish swim

When we finished at the butterfly garden we made our way over to the bug carousel….just like a regular carousel but this one had bugs to ride on.  Alex and I rode the carousel while Amanda and Ben waited alongside.  Alex refused to sit on one of the bugs…even going as far as crying terribly.  So we just stood in between two bugs and calmed down until the ride started.  Once the ride started and we went around a few times he was more comfortable and let me sit him on top of one of the bugs and he sat there and enjoyed the rest of the ride.

I just love the Manhattan  skyline!

I just love the Manhattan skyline!

By the time we finished at the carousel we were all hot and tired and decided to make our way toward the exit.  It was about 3:15 pm and we wanted to leave by 4:00 pm so to avoid as much of the rush hour traffic as possible.  We made one last stop by the seals and then continuing on to the parking lot.

Our drive home took much longer than the ride to the zoo in the morning….it took us a nearly an hour and a half to get home!  Although I guess I can’t complain because I was able to take some pictures of the Manhattan skyline and also of the bridge Michael and I encountered last summer when we brought the coach onto Long Island.  You can read about that adventure if you click HERE!

Our bridge.  Don't take exit 8 just after crossing over the Throg's Neck Bridge if you're towing an RV!

Our bridge. Don’t take exit 8 just after crossing over the Throg’s Neck Bridge if you’re towing an RV!

We got home about 5:30 pm and were ready to drop.  Thankfully, Amanda had thrown a roast in the crockpot before we left this morning so dinner was ready shortly after we got home. The heat and walking did me in so I’ll be calling it a night very shortly.

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