Horse Races, Biscuits & Barbecue, Under The Weather & A Sitter

Posted by on June 3, 2014
A photo finish!

A photo finish!

Saturday we had an AWESOME day!  We spent the day at Belmont Horse Race Track and caught 8 of the 10 races ran that day. Dan and Amanda have been several times and Michael used to go to the horse races at Oaklawn in Hot Springs but I’d never been.  Dan and Amanda’s friends Zach & Amanda joined us too.

We packed a lunch, snacks and drinks so all it cost us was $5.00 each for admittance.  Unless of course you count the money we donated 😉 for a good cause.  However, Dan’s donation was returned (and then some!) the last race of the day. He did well enough that he bought dinner for everyone afterward.

Alex visiting the horses

Alex visiting the horses

We decided to try a different restaurant for this area, Biscuits & Barbeque.  It was kind of a Cajun/Southern themed restaurant serving chicken & waffles, ribs, brisket, po’ boys, fried green tomatoes, etc.  It’s a small dining car with a pretty big following so we waited for 40 minutes or so for the one table that would fit the 6 of us.

We all got something different:  Michael – brisket, Dan – BBQ chicken po’ boy, Amanda – Shrimp po’ boy and me – smoked BBQ chicken.  Everything was good but I don’t think anyone absolutely loved their meal…oh but the deep fried pickles were very good!  It was a bit on the pricey side but for something different on Long Island I’d recommend it.

Barbeque & Biscuits - Mineola, New York

Biscuits & Barbeque – Mineola, New York

I’m glad that I enjoyed Saturday so much since I woke up Sunday morning feeling like a cold was coming on…by late morning I was feeling worse and ended up going back to bed.  I napped for most of the afternoon.  I got up about 4:00 pm, ate and then went and sat on the front porch and watched Dan and Amanda play basketball.

I am still not feeling the best but better than I was on Sunday…I’m just hoping that I don’t get anyone else sick!

While we were outside Amanda noticed that 4 airplanes were doing some sky writing.  We missed a good portion of the message but were able to decipher ….’Livermore Jo 2014′.  It was pretty cool to see…I’ve never seen it done before.  Wish I’d had my camera handy and that we’d been able to see the entire message.  Unfortunately, the message disappears pretty quickly.

A biscuit served with honey and raspberry butter

A biscuit served with honey and raspberry butter

Ben, our youngest grandchild and newest sitter.  We found him sitting behind the couch reading books.

Ben, our youngest grandchild and newest sitter. We found him sitting behind the couch reading books.

Mike and Dan went to Lowes on Sunday and were there for hours!  They planned to look into renting a truck so that they could get the drywall and any other miscellaneous supplies home.  There was an issue with the kiosk to order the truck and the store manager ended up giving them a delivery for $20 instead.    Delivery is set for today….but nobody seems to know what time.  Hmmmm…..leave it to a couple of men.  Sheesh!

Since we’ve been here (13 days) Ben (9 months old) has ‘accidentally’ sat up by himself from a laying position a couple of times.  As of Sunday he is now a sitting pro!  Scooting all over the house and sitting up wherever the urge strikes him.  Sure is wonderful to be here to watch the milestones happen.  Next on the agenda:  getting Ben to crawl on his hands and knees and getting Alex to say ‘please’…he just doesn’t wanna do it when you remind him.

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