Week In A Nutshell

Posted by on May 30, 2014
Dan working from home on Wednesday....Alex assisting

Dan working from home on Wednesday….Alex assisting

Dan & Amanda and the boys went to a Memorial Day gathering at his boss’s home for a couple of hours on Monday.

While they were away Michael worked on getting the electric run into the bedroom.  It was pretty hot (85 or more) and with no air conditioning going into the room (no heat, nothing!) Michael really worked up a sweat!  Poor guy.

When Amanda and Dan came home we cooked some burgers on the grill, had a glass of wine and enjoyed dinner on the front deck.  It had cooled down beautifully and was very enjoyable to be outside.

Running electrical wire from the upstairs bedroom down to the box in the basement

Running electrical wire from the upstairs bedroom down to the box in the basement

Michael was able to finish running the electric into the bedroom on Tuesday.  He got wire run for 4 electrical boxes and re-positioned the overhead light into the middle of the room as the builder had just run a temporary light and stuck it right in front of the door.

On Wednesday Michael and I made a run to Lowes for supplies:  rafter vents, foam insulation spray, an additional electrical box and 2 packages of insulation.  We’ll need to go back for more insulation…small car requires multiple trips.

Putting up the rafter ???

Putting up the rafter vents

As soon as we got home Michael went to work installing the rafter vents  While Michael worked upstairs, I watched Ben downstairs.  (Alex was upstairs with his daddy watching TV while daddy worked).  Amanda was working.  She also worked Tuesday night and will work again Thursday night.  She only works a few hours at a time so it’s not a big deal to watch the boys.

I made crunch wraps for dinner and fed the boys about 7:30 and then Amanda when she got home about 8:45ish.  Our schedule changes quite a bit when we’re here in New York.  We sleep later, eat later and go to better later than what we’re used to.  Takes some getting used to but we manage.

Partial ceiling insulation installation

Partial ceiling insulation installation

Michael was done working for the day on Thursday by 1:15 pm.  He got what insulation he had on hand installed in the ceiling.  Now we’ll need to make another trip to Lowes to pick up the remainder of the insulation for the ceiling.

Amanda and I took Alex to his third swimming lesson on Thursday afternoon.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t a big fan today and cried quite a bit of the time.  He has 3 more lessons yet….hopefully they go a bit smoother.

A beautiful day to spend some time outside.

A beautiful day to spend some time outside.

Friday afternoon Mike, Amanda, myself and the boys went for a walk around the neighborhood.  It’s a nice neighborhood with lots of dead end streets that are lined with well maintained older homes.

When we got back we sat outside for a while while Alex and Amanda painted the driveway and walkway with sidewalk paint.  Unfortunately, it rained a few hours later and all of their beautiful artwork was washed away.

After getting the boys settled into bed the rest of us relaxed for a bit while watching part of the Brewers game and then settled down to play some games.  We ended up playing 3 games of Sheepshead – Michael won 2 of them and Dan won the third.  Our last game for the night was a very short one of Hearts and Dan ended up pulling out the win.

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