One Step Closer to Grandbaby Love

Posted by on May 20, 2014

On Monday we took a ride into Hot Springs to run some errands.  We stopped at Walgreens to pick up a couple of pill keepers for Michael, took a box to the UPS Store to send to Dan’s with some of our belongings in it, dropped some things off at Good Will and then finished up with a stop at Walmart to pick up some snacks for our upcoming plane ride on Wednesday.

Eddie, Alice & Mike

Eddie, Alice & Mike

Michael’s brother Eddie and his wife, Val, joined us on the trip into town as they’re both in poor health and unable to drive to run errands on their own.  It’s about a 30 mile drive one way so our short trip took almost 3 hours.

Knowing that our trip would probably take a while I threw together a pot of ‘Clean out the Freezer Soup’ yesterday and continued to let it simmer today.  I had a small beef roast, 2 boneless pork ribs, a small portion of pork tenderloin, a partial bag of frozen corn and a partial bag of peas & carrots.  I also had some fresh carrots and an onion that I chopped up and threw in as well.  Along with all that I used a large can of tomato sauce and some beef broth.  Michael wanted it a little more hearty so I added 3/4 a cup of barley.  I only seasoned it with salt, pepper and garlic powder and we had a really yummy bowl of soup!

Home for the coach for the next 2 months

Home for the coach for the next 2 months

Val & Eddy joined us for dinner (Alice and Allicia, too!) and we had a nice time visiting.  Before we left the table we had a video call from Dan, Amanda, Alex & Ben in New York.  We wanted to have a chat with them before we get there so that the boys can get used to seeing Nana & Papaw.  It was an added benefit that Great Granny could be included in the video chat too!

Tuesday Morning we closed up the coach, hooked up the truck and re-positioned the truck and the coach in the yard, out of the way where it will stay for the next 2 months.  🙁  I had to keep reminding myself that it’s for a good cause.

Alice had a home health nurse coming to visit at 1:00 pm and once she left we all (Michael, myself, Alice & Allicia) piled into Alice’s car to head to Little Rock.

Large buffet selection just needed to be a bit fresher

Large buffet selection just needed to be a bit fresher

We stopped at the World Buffet restaurant in Hot Springs on our way through.  We got to the restaurant about 3:45 pm so the food wasn’t the freshest but it wasn’t bad.  The have a large assortment plus sushi and a stir fry station so it would be a place to try again during a busier time when the food is rotating quicker.

The drive to Little Rock is about 80 miles from Alice’s home in Glenwood so we arrived at the Comfort Inn about 6:30 pm.  We got checked in quickly and inquired about the free shuttle service to the airport.   We were told it’s on demand and all we’d need to do was go to the desk in the morning and let them know we’re ready to head to the airport.

We’re planning to lie low for the rest of the evening…just surfin’ and watchin’ TV.   Next stop…Long Island, New York!

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