Travel Day, Kelly’s Kitchen And Dinner With Family

Posted by on May 13, 2014
There are two islands like this providing 120 fuel pumps

There are two islands like this providing 120 fuel pumps

We were up at 6:00 am and had little to do to hit the road.  I made 2 bagelwiches for the road and then Michael unhooked the power and we brought in the slides.  The truck was pretty much in place to hook up…Michael just had to back up a few inches to lock the hitch in place.  We pulled out of our site at 6:41 am….a bit earlier than our 7:00 am goal.

San Antonio traffic wasn’t bad at all at this early hour and we made good time getting to New Braunfels where we stopped at the Buc-ee’s.  Michael filled up with diesel at $3.42 per gallon while I went inside and got some beef jerky and Buc-ee Nuggets.  The place is a travelers dream with tons of spots at the fuel pumps, ice 99 cents for 20 pounds, snacks galore and tons of souvenirs!

IMG_0004After our brief stop we continued on, hitting some heavy traffic in Austin…heavy enough to make us come to a complete stop several times.  I’d be lying if I said it didn’t slow us down…but me motored on through.

2psnapod soaked to the bone

2psnapod soaked to the bone

We made what we thought would be a quick restroom stop at a rest area along I-35 but as we pulled in and I looked at the trusty Munzee map on my phone it lit up with 18 Munzees scattered around the rest area!  As we started to cap the Munzees a light mist started to come down.  By the time we’d finishing capping all the Munzees (including a mystery & a motel with vacancies!) we were SOAKED….so soaked that we were thankful that we carry our home with us as we went inside and changed clothes and used our bath towels to dry off….we did a lot of giggling on our way back to the truck and coach.

One of the best Kelly's Kitchen sites to date!

One of the best Kelly’s Kitchen sites to date!

We stopped one more time around the Corsicana area at a beautiful Kelly’s Kitchen site.  Our covered table was on the edge of a pretty little lake that provided a great view as we enjoyed our Turkey Ranch Club wraps.  It’s been a while since we’d visited Kelly’s Kitchen and this was the perfect setting.  It was actually a bit on the chilly side with the wind coming off the lake and the misting rain so we didn’t stay as long as we might have otherwise.

I had made our reservations at the Old Mill Marketplace in Canton back in March and they’d sent us a receipt, 2 placards for the vehicles with the site number and dates or our stay and I was told that we could just go straight to our site…which we did.  However, when we got to the site there was someone in the site.  There were plenty of open spaces so we figured we’d have no problem finding another site.  I called the office and the woman on the phone couldn’t find us in the system and asked that we come up to the office to get things squared away.

Set up in site 97 at Old Mill Marketplace

Set up in site 97 at Old Mill Marketplace

After searching she found us under Michael, Barnett rather than Barnett, Michael. She also found us a 50 amp site that was acceptable, gave us new placards, showed us how to get to the site and we were on our way.  We finally got to our into site 97 nearly an hour after we first arrived.  We quickly got set up as we had plans to be at Michael’s Aunt and Uncles home.  We are here for just 3 nights and then we be moving further northeast.

We got to Aunt Frances & Uncle Kenneth’s home just before 4:00 pm although we’d hoped to be there earlier so that we’d have more time to visit with his cousin Jeannie, her husband Carlos and their 3 children as they were here visiting from Little Rock and had to leave shortly for their trip home.

Uncle Kenneth had smoked some awesome ribs and Aunt Frances had made sides (potato salad, baked beans & cole slaw) to go with the ribs.  Everything was wonderful but what was even better was sharing a meal with family we don’t get to see often enough.  Aunt Frances even made a home-made pound cake (Uncle Kenneth’s grandmothers recipe) that was out of this world yummy!

I was so enjoying chatting with everyone that I forgot to take any pictures – I could kick myself!

Unfortunately, Jeannie and her family had to leave shortly after dinner but we stayed and visited until shortly after 8:00 pm.  It’s just a short 2.5 miles to the RV park from their home so we were home before 8:30 pm.  Michael went straight to bed and watched some TV while I relaxed in my recliner for a little while before heading to bed myself.




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