Hitch Itch Settin’ In

Posted by on May 2, 2014
The neighborhood hound pack gathering

The neighborhood hound pack gathering

Remember me talking about the pack of dogs that lives next door?  For some reason they were all out in the field behind us this morning and one of ’em was howling away…have no clue why.  I decided to get a quick picture of all of ’em scattered in the field…there were 9…but I know that at least 2 were missing.  We’re pretty sure they ALL belong to the house behind us…but wonder how they can afford to feed them all??

It seems that things may have gotten back to normal here on the gate.  The last few days have been busier than we’ve been used to since arriving at this gate….although still not busy busy.  We averaged 103 vehicles over the last three days and before that we averaged just 69 vehicles per day.  The reason for the spike?  The cement crews, casing crews, gas buster crews, welders, etc that were here to do their parts in the process.  While these crews were working all drilling was halted as they couldn’t continue until they done.  Drilling finally started again late last night/early this morning.

James was even nice enough to smile for the camera!  See how sweet these guys are!?!

James was even nice enough to smile for the camera! See how sweet these guys are!?!

The big highlight of the day was when the day motorman, James, came down in a forklift to fill the small fuel tank that we use to fill up our light tower.  We had a nice chat while he filled it up and then was on his way.  I’m pretty sure when something as simple as filling up a fuel tank is the highlight of the day it’s time to hit the road!

2 more nights in the oil patch!!

2 Responses to Hitch Itch Settin’ In

  1. Joe Lenz

    Enjoyed you blog while gate guarding. Still in s/b but will be on the road one day. Safe travel. Joe

    • Kelly

      Thanks, Joe! We’re ready to hit the road and have some fun now!!

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