Harley, Casing, The VA, The DAV And a Fantasy

Posted by on April 29, 2014
Here comes Harley!

Here comes Harley!

Yesterday morning our neighbors from across the road came by on a 4-wheeler.  They were in search of the dog, Harley, again.  They took a ride down the lease road to see if they could see him on the pad.  A few minutes later they were on their way back up the road…with Harley running behind.  Once again he was all wet and covered in grease/oil stuff.  No telling what he’s doing while he’s down there.  Pretty sure that he was, once again. put in doggy detention (chained up).

We’ve had 2 cranes here most of the week and both were pulled out yesterday.  Each crane needed to have 3 big trucks to carry it out…one to haul the crane, one to haul the weights and one for the crane extensions.

Our bright orange gas buster!  Sure can't miss that our here in the oil patch.

Our bright orange gas buster! Sure can’t miss that our here in the oil patch.

With the cranes leaving that seemed to make room down on the pad for the gas buster, which came in about 5:00 pm.  With several crew members coming in as well to get it all set up.  The gas buster separates the mud from the gas, sending the mud back and pushing the gas up through the flare stack.

Drilling is halted at the moment.  They’re at 5030 feet and now it’s time to set the casing and get it cemented into place.  The casing crew is here, the cement crew and all their equipment are here, now just to get it all done.  Drilling should resume tomorrow (Wednesday) evening sometime.

With no drilling going on a lot of the drilling crew are taking some time off….either going into town for haircuts, leaving the area for a few days or just going into town to enjoy some time away.

Last night I went to take a ‘coolish’ shower. I found out quickly that after two 100ish degree days that a ‘coolish’ shower is a fantasy. Even after turning the handle to ‘cold’ it was still ‘hotish’ and finally cooled off to ‘warmish’ by the time I was done showering. Wow!  

Here's a shot of our handsome neighbor feeding his family

Here’s a shot of our handsome neighbor feeding his family

I never really thought about it but heck…our water sits in a huge black tank outside in the sweltering sun all day long….of course it’s gonna be hot….even boiling sometimes!  Quite glad that we will be summering ‘up north’!

I watched our bird neighbors for a bit this morning.  Either the mama is sitting on eggs or has babies with her.  Papa brought some food home and then flew off several more times in search of more.  He is absolutely gorgeous…bright blue back with an orangish chest and white bottom.  After doing some searching on the internet I’m pretty sure that they are indigo buntings.

Fortunately there is plenty for them to eat around here!  We are ALIVE with crickets…everywhere!  At times it’s almost like the ground is moving as they scatter here and there!

Michael talked with someone at the DAV (an advocate for veterans between the veteran and the VA) today and was told that his file is in St. Petersburg, Florida. (from when we were in Florida last fall)  The VA went digital in 2013 and his file should be getting scanned into the system while there.  However, since we’ve changed our address to Texas he falls under Texas jurisdiction and until his paper file is scanned and made digital nothing can be done with his case.  On top of that he was told that an appeal can take 36 to 48 months from beginning to end.  Ugh

So he will continue to check the status of his claim on eBenefits and is also writing a letter to his Congressman to make them aware of the situation.  They probably can’t do anything but it’s worth letting someone know that a man who served 30 years in the military hasn’t even been given a retirement physical yet.  It wouldn’t be quite so urgent but he is currently using his ‘back up’ set of hearing aids and they’re pretty much on their last leg.  He certainly can’t wait 3-4 years for another set.

5 nights left!  We’ve really enjoyed our time gate guarding….really didn’t think I’d say that…but we have.  We’ll be back in October to do it again…taking some time off at Christmas and then returning again for the spring.  Unfortunately, Michael’s retirement check doesn’t quite cover everything (extended warranty on the coach, cruise for our 30th anniversary, fuel for traveling etc) and until we get his darn VA benefits established gate guarding is a good supplemental income.


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