Crew Change And Fuse Change

Posted by on April 23, 2014

So far this gate is a gem!  We got here 2 days ago and have only logged roughly 120 vehicles.  The company man told us not to worry about logging the big trucks that are bringing pieces of the rig in…so we haven’t been.  We just go to the door and wave to them as the come and go.  We just log those that come in in pick up trucks or cars.

The rig hands switched crews today.  Most left last night for their 2 weeks off and the new crew started arriving last night and into this morning.  Everyone has been super friendly it’s kinda sad we won’t be here very long to get to know them.

The company man changed this morning too.  As the old company man left he told me about a really good steak house in Floresville that we should go to if the new company man gave us some time off.  Our friends Betty & Ricky worked with this company and told us how their company man would give them Saturday afternoons off if there wasn’t much going on.  Come to find out the company man is the same company man they worked with!

Michael was sure to help fill our water tank.

Michael was sure to help fill our water tank.

The driver who was here to fill the fresh water tanks for the guys down on the pad was good enough to fill our tank up too.  We only had about 250 gallons in our 500 gallon tank and are now full…which should last us the entire time we have left.  He also told us that he’d supply us with drinking water when we need it!  Sweet!

We had a salesman come through to see the company man.  He gave me 4 ‘tally’ books.  He said that gate guards love me!  I can see why…they’re just small hard cover notebooks but will work great for writing down the drivers information.  We’ve started logging the drivers information (name, company, reason for being here and time in and out) on a small notepad while we’re outside and then come in and transfer the information to our log in sheet.  With the wind and the dust and the rain it makes for a much cleaner log sheet!

Handy-dandy tally books given to us by a salesman

Handy-dandy tally books given to us by a salesman

2nd fuse from the right was troublemaker

2nd fuse from the right was troublemaker

A while back our level up and slides started acting funny.  The level up would turn off during leveling occasionally and the slides would stop mid-way on retracting.  We were able to restart the level up and continue on…but sometimes we’d have to restart several times in order to get leveled.  With the slides we’d just have to wait a minute and then push the button and they would continue retracting.

Michael did some research on the Heartland Owners Forum and found that these issues indicated that there was a bad fuse and it needed to be replaced.  He contacted Heartland and ordered the replacement fuse – a pack of 2, with shipping ran about $17.00.

Install was easy peasy.  All he had to do was remove 7 nuts, a couple of screws, slide off a bus bar, remove the old fuse, insert the new fuse and then replace all screws and nuts.  Voila!  The level up and slides work perfectly again! We’ve been hankerin’ for some BBQ.

Dueling cranes - working to get the rig set up.

Dueling cranes – working to get the rig set up.

We’d planned to get some BBQ at Choke Canyon on Monday while we were in the Whitsett yard but got sent to this gate before we could get there.  This afternoon Michael drove into Floresville (about 14 miles) to get some lunch from Lazy J Bar B Que.  There is also one in Kenedy and we’d had their ribs & brisket and were pleased with them.  This was just as good and certainly hit the BBQ craving spot!

While Michael was out picking up lunch the last of the rig finally arrived.  There’s been work going on getting the various platforms set up and now that the final pieces of the puzzle have arrived they can start getting the derrick up.  Doesn’t seem to be going as fast as it could be but we’re no experts.  Maybe the derrick will go up tomorrow.

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