Dang….Another One Bites the Dust…Gate & Slide Awning

Posted by on April 16, 2014

Monday’s weather was the pits!  When I got up about 6:00 am the air conditioning was running and it was super humid out.  However, that didn’t last long.  By late morning it was overcast and the temperature was dipping.  By mid-afternoon it had cooled down to the 50s and we turned the fireplace on to warm up the coach.  The fireplace stayed on for much of the day and through the night.



Along with the chilly temps came wind…lots of it…again!  Ugh.  The first big gust came out of nowhere and ripped our off-door side slide awning.  Double ugh.  I usually close the slides as soon as the wind picks up but this just came out of nowhere and I didn’t get it in in time.  Needless to say the slide stayed in all day as it gusted between 40 and 45 all day into the evening.  I guess we’ll have one more thing for Heartland to work on when we’re there this summer.  Triple ugh!

This guy ran over the side bars of the gate and got the actual gate stuck under him!

This guy ran over the side bars of the gate and got the actual gate stuck under him!

Traffic has been on the slower side (for us anyway) – averaging about 90 vehicles per day during the week and 1/2 that on the weekends.  Even with that small amount of traffic our gate was taken out again yesterday!  Can you believe it??  That’s 3 times in the 5.5 weeks we’ve been here.  This time there was probably the least damage done but we ended up with 3 safety guys (1 from each of the different ‘divisions’ of the oil company) and 4  or 5 other guys coming to check it out and assess for repairs.  The gate is only 16 feet wide and quite close to the main road so for some drivers it’s a kind of hard to navigate.  With all of the big trucks and equipment that come and go…being wider would certainly have been a plus.

Our neighboring drill rig and the moon - how pretty.

Our neighboring drill rig and the moon – how pretty.

Late this afternoon I got a text from our company man letting us know that they would ‘probably’ be done with our services by midday Thursday.  We were already trying to get things stowed and cleaned up as we expected to the gate to close this weekend so we should have no problem being ready to move come Thursday.   Now just to see if Thursday is accurate or not.

Digging up the road.  They got the trench dug, pipe inserted and the hole covered again by 8:00 pm.

Digging up the road. They got the trench dug, pipe inserted and the hole covered again by 8:00 pm.

The pipeline guys have been antsy to dig a trench across the road that leads to the ‘C’ pad for several weeks now.  This evening they finally ‘dug in’.  We have several pick ups down on the ‘C’ pad and wondered how they were going to get out but we found that there was a ‘path’ that they could drive on to go around…however, no big truck would be able to navigate it…so we’re pretty certain we don’t have to worry about any oil or water flow back trucks coming in tonight!  Woohoo!  A night of uninterrupted sleep!

This morning we got an email (via this blog) from a gentleman from Camping World’s internet marketing department inquiring about us putting a link to their site on our blog.  We found that kind of interesting and are researching and getting advice from different sources before moving forward.  So there’s a possibility that in the future you may see a link/ad for Camping World on the blog…if you do and need to purchase supplies…click on it!



8 Responses to Dang….Another One Bites the Dust…Gate & Slide Awning

  1. Susan Magill

    That is awesome news….you are in the big time. Many of the blogs I read have ads. I have never seen what the going rate is but it is a beginning. Sorry about your trailer awning. We lost the big one last year. We rolled it in the night before and in the morning was a terrible wind and hail shower. It pulled it out on its’ own. With the hail damage and it was close to $7000. in damages.

    • Kelly

      Hi Susan! This is our 2nd awning boo-boo. The first was pretty easy to deal with…Michael just replaced it. He still hasn’t been able to fully assess the damage so we don’t know if he can repair it or if it will need to be replaced – fingers crossed for repairing!

  2. Kerry Jackson

    Hopefully your get some perks or $ out of the deal, I subscribed so you could have a round 50!!! Great blog!!!

    • Kelly

      Hi Kerry! We’re working on on getting some kind of compensation…we’ll just have to see how it works out. Thanks for the wonderful compliment on our blog! Hopefully, we’ll meet in the oil patch some day!

  3. Lee McClure

    Make them pay you for the right.

    • Kelly

      Hey Lee!

      Our son is in the internet ‘ad’ business and has several websites of his own and gave us some advice on how to go about getting compensation for including their link to our blog. I’ve responded to his email and now the ball is in their court!

  4. Sandra Roussere

    Wow Kelly and Michael that is great news about camping world. I really enjoy you blog. Keep up the good work.

    • Kelly

      Sandra! Great to hear from you! It’s been so long! Still waiting to hear from CW to see if they want to work with us or not… Thanks so much for such kind words about our blog…we enjoy writing it!

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