Posted by on April 6, 2014

We slept in until 7:00 am Saturday morning and boy did it feel good!  We had a nice leisurely morning surfing the internet, checking email and watching TV.  We didn’t end up having breakfast until 10:00 am…eggs, Opa’s and biscuits with home made kumquat marmalade a gift from, Hans, our safety guy.

The workover rig shortly after it was erected Saturday evening

The workover rig shortly after it was erected Saturday evening

The workover crew was supposed to be here about 11:00 am Saturday and then we heard it got backed up til 1:00 pm.  They didn’t end up making it here until around 3:00 pm.  Seems they had some vehicles issues and then 2 of the vehicles got stopped by the DOT.  Nevertheless…they’re now here and will start rigging up today and finish tomorrow so that they can begin working tomorrow sometime.  From what we’re being told they’ll be here until Wednesday or Thursday and then flow testing will begin.  Flow testing shouldn’t take but a couple of days and then our time here will be done.

We had another good night’s sleep last night with no traffic after 10:00 pm until just after 7:00 am this morning.  By 3:00 pm this afternoon we’d only had 9 vehicles come in a (18 ins & outs) and all that was left down on the pad was the company man, a 2 man crew and the 5 man workover rig crew (they all stay down there in trailers).  The three other crews (6 men) won’t be back until Tuesday so that pad will be fairly quiet.

Tomorrow the construction crew will be back to resume work on the pipeline.  They have quite a few different trucks with various crews but it’s still not much to have to deal with.

Lots and lots of yummy veggies!

Lots and lots of yummy veggies!

The down time allows to me to do some cooking that might be a bit harder to get accomplished at a busier time on the gate.  This afternoon I made a chicken & vegetable lo mein that turned out very good.  I’ve made it before and will make it again.

While we have some quiet time Michael has been working on cleaning up the totes from the basement.  With all the dust here in the oil patch they’re dusty and dirty inside and out.  He’s taken them all out and removed the contents and then cleaned out any dust and dirt and reinserted the contents back into each tub.  All in preparation of our imminent departure!


I have a few countdowns going on:

27 days until we leave the oil patch!

45 days until we arrive at our son’s home in New York!

87 days until we arrive at our son’s home in Utah!

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