Chillin’, Plannin’ & Celebratin’

Posted by on March 31, 2014
How many Coiled Tubing guys does it take to reweld a gate?

How many Coiled Tubing guys does it take to reweld a gate?

After the past 7 days being busier than we’re used to, averaging 341 vehicles passing through the gate, Saturday and Sunday were a welcome change of pass!  Saturday we saw just 112 vehicles and Sunday dropped to 89 vehicles.  Sunday night Michael actually slept in the bed with me…although we did have a few vehicles come and go but he’s got getting up and greeting the visitor quickly down to an art!

If you’ll remember our gate got run over again Saturday.  The crew had a welder with them so they fixed it immediately (with a little pressure from our safety guy).  We’re just wondering how long it will last this time.

We are currently in the ‘drill out’ or ‘coiled tubing’ phase of the oil process.  They started the ‘drill out’ late Saturday afternoon and should be finishing up on the 2 holes this evening or early Tuesday morning.

During the ‘drill out’ the crew goes back in the well and ‘drills out’ the plugs that were put in place at the end of each fracing stage.  Once the ‘drill out’ is complete we’ll move onto wireline, the workover rig and then finally flow testing. We’re hoping that that will keep us here about 2 more weeks.

Coiled tubing being held up by the crane

Coiled tubing being held up by the crane

Since we had a nice quiet weekend I was able to rest my knee, elevating and icing throughout the day, and it’s feel MUCH better.  I originally tore the meniscus in my right knee close to 20 years ago and lost a good-sized chunk of the meniscus that was removed during surgery.  I’ve had issues with it ever since.  I’m thinking that the increased up and down on the steps during our increased traffic period is what led to the issues.

Our son, Zack, finally got his PCS (permanent change of station) orders and is due to report to his new duty station by June 16th  With that news I was able to do some more planning on our summer travels.  I made airline reservations (Little Rock, AR to Long Island, NY to Salt Lake City, UT to Little Rock, AR) to visit our sons and their families.  We’ll leave the coach at Michael’s mom’s home near Hot Springs, AR and stay in the boys homes.  We’ll be gone about 6 weeks…and I’m sure we’re gonna miss our home by the time we get back.

I also made reservations at campgrounds in Sikeston MO, Terre Haute IN, Ft. McCoy WI and Lake Delton WI.  I’m also working on reservations for Milwaukee, WI.

Most of our travel plans were based around visiting our sons, so when Zack’s orders finally came through we were able to finalize several things.  Now we have to wait to finalize the rest of our summer plans until we get an appointment set up with Heartland RVs in Elkhart, Indiana to get some work done on the coach.  Once that is squared away we’ll be good to go.

Dinner courtesy of one of the crews:  chicken & beef fajitas

Dinner courtesy of one of the crews: chicken & beef fajitas

Sunday was my birthday and we had a great day with only 89 vehicles and a visit from our oldest son, Zack.  Zack joined us for dinner.  Zack grilled steak and asparagus while I popped some sweet potatoes (white for Michael) in the microwave.  We ate an early dinner so that Zack could get back to Ft. Sam at a decent hour and do some studying.

About 8:45 pm one of the crew came back from town with dinners for everyone, including us!  Since we had already eaten and were ready for bed we put our dinners in the refrigerator and enjoyed them for lunch today.  The food came from Taqueria Jalisco in Kenedy.  We got chicken and beef fajitas, rice and refried beans.

Traffic picked up just a little bit today as we had a crew come in to clean the open top tanks and a crew that started working on the pipeline from A pad to B pad.



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  1. Texas

    Terre Haute Indiana???? We work camped at the KOA as our first work camping job, it ended pretty badly when I found out the male 1/2 of the owners grabbed Rudee by the shoulders to “give her a scolding”. Needless to say you probably shouldn’t mention our name while you are there. LOL The campground is nice but expensive, let us know if you need any advice on restaurants or such, we know a couple of decent “hole in the wall” places. 🙂

    • Kelly

      How’d you know we were staying at the KOA??? It’ll only be a one night stop though…but we’re hoping to do dinner with a former co-worker of Michael’s.

      • Texas

        well the KOA is pretty much the only game in town. LOL
        Two good places for dinner I can recommend, for a pizza/beer/sandwich type place go to Twiggy’s/Sweet Lou’s in Seelyville which is just east of TH on US 40. For a little nicer restaurant go just a little further east on US 40 (1/2 mile probably) to Kleptz’s Restaurant. Both places are about 10 minutes from the campground.
        Just a little background on Terre Haute, one of the big industries back in the day was glass making and this is where the Coke bottle was first invented and made. This is also home to Indiana State University which was an unheard of school until a young man named Larry Bird took their basketball team to the championship game of the NCAA tournament.


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