Wow! Crazy Busy!

Posted by on March 22, 2014

I think we’re starting to get back into our routine again.  Michael is working nights from 6:30 or 7:00 pm until 6:30 or 7:00 am.  Nights are busy enough to keep him awake and busy enough for me to have to sleep with a pillow over my head…that’s gets kinda warm after a while!

Traffic jam in the rig parking lot!

Traffic jam in the rig parking lot!

The rig is on the down slope and we’ve started getting lots of empty tanker trucks coming into haul off mud etc to the new location or back to the truck company’s yard.  At one point this morning I had about 17 big rigs parked over on rig’s pad waiting to haul off their loads.  It looked like one of those puzzle games where you have to move all the little cars and trucks in certain patterns in order to get the one vehicle out!  It was crazy!

We also received 7 or 8 big trucks in to do the rig move…which I’m hearing from the drivers will be tomorrow or Monday.  Thankfully, they are parking over on the A pad (behind us) so as not to be in the way of all the other big trucks on the rig’s pad.

The remains of our gate...

The remains of our gate…

Believe it or not someone ran over out gate AGAIN last night…this time it must have been on the way in and they pretty much demolished what was left of it.  Today I’ve watched very closely and watched as 10 truckers continue to run over what was left of the gate.  So if the gate was still standing all of those truckers would have taken it out.  Granted the posts are just lying on the ground now but they really should be more cautious.  I made sure to let each of them know what they’d done and to remind them to be more cautious in the future.  After my ‘talk’ everyone started being WAY more cautious.  It didn’t hurt that the safety guy from the frac site stood on the road for a while and watched trucks going in and out either!

...What the gate is supposed to look like

…What the gate is supposed to look like

Watching the crazy traffic come and go!

Watching the crazy traffic come and go!

I was a bit surprised when a black truck ran the gate this afternoon….and it turned out to be our son, Zack.  He’d talked about coming to visit but I thought that the last we’d heard was he was going to wait a few days before coming down from San Antonio.  He even brought dinner and made it for us too!  Unfortunately, traffic got wild about 30 minutes after he got

Michael bailing me out when I got behind logging vehicles in and out

Michael bailing me out when I got behind logging vehicles in and out

here and I didn’t get to visit with him much.  Hopefully, if he’s able to visit again things will be a little less hectic.

I’m pretty sure that Zack brought all the traffic with him as the bottom seemed to fall out shortly after he got here and pretty much continued the entire time he was here.  It was so busy that Michael had to help me out a couple of times so that I could get caught up!  By 8:00 pm we had nearly 100 more vehicles come in and out the gate than our busiest day to date!

If it weren’t for Zack we may not have had dinner!  He brought dinner with him and cooked it here too!  He even brought dessert (that I’m enjoying while finishing up this post!)


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