Posted by on March 17, 2014
One piece of the frac equipment that arrived today

One piece of the frac equipment that arrived today

Not a whole lot to say this evening other than…I’m pooped!  The morning started off kind of steady but about 11:20 am the bottom fell out when Halliburton arrived with all of their frac equipment.  Halliburton is the company that will do the actual frac.  At one point I had about 10 trucks lined up out on the road wanting in, 3 trucks coming from C pad wanting out and another 2 trucks wanting to leave the rig!  It was pure crazy!  Thankfully, everyone was patient and waited for all of the Halliburton trucks to enter (I quickly wrote down their license plate numbers before they got to me and all they had to do was shout their name to me as they drove by).

Our St. Patrick's Day breakfast - green eggs & ham

Our St. Patrick’s Day breakfast – green eggs & ham

On top of all the Halliburton arrivals we had lots of other guys from various companies coming in to do their rigging up as well.  In one 56 minute period I had 61 vehicles pass through the gate.

It was nice to have so many of the guys recognize me as they came in and say, ‘Hey!  I remember you!’ or ‘It’s good to see you!’.  One of the guys even offered my a piece of pizza but I declined as I was eating a PBJ sandwich and chicken soup.

The frac is supposed to start on Wednesday and once that happens we’ll have 2 shifts working 6 to 6.  That’s when the ‘mad dash’ will begin.  Tomorrow will just be another ‘rigging up’ day but it shouldn’t be as crazy as it was today…I hope!


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