Drilling Continues, Frac Equipment Arrives

Posted by on March 17, 2014
My view Sunday morning.  We've never had a flare stack flaring so nearby

My view Sunday morning. We’ve never had a flare stack flaring so nearby

The last couple of days have been fairly quiet with just under 100 vehicles passing in and out of our gate.  It’s a nice way to gear up for what we know will be some busy days once the frac starts and the rig starts moving out at the same time.

Traffic for C pad (frac site) continues to trickle in.  Over the last few days we received gel-sta, water trucks, open & closed top containers, frac heads, containments, etc.

I wrote the above Sunday at 6:30 am and at 7:00 am I started receiving trucks carrying frac equipment!  That just goes to show how quickly things can change in the oil fields!  Trucks rolled in throughout the day.  We even had trucks hauling equipment down to the frac site at 11:00 pm.  The day wasn’t what we’d call busy or even steady as we had plenty of time to relax in our recliners.  

We expect the BIG frac equipment and the frac crew to come in this morning…at any moment actually.  We were told yesterday that the frac should start Wednesday or Thursday.

A sandcastle passing through the gate.  It stands on end and holds frac sand

A sandcastle passing through the gate. It stands on end and holds frac sand

We’ve been aware for a week or so that there is a frac sand shortage and that’s why the frac on this lease was delayed by a week.  I spoke with one of the frac guys as he came in today and found out that normally the frac here would take 8-10 days but with the current shortage it will probably take more like 14-16 days.  Probably not good for the oil company but for us…it’s a good thing!  The longer it takes the longer we’re employed!  We plan to leave the oil patch on May 5th and would really like to have this gate last until then…probably won’t…but it would be nice if it does!

Work on the drill rig has slowed a bit.  Thursday night a motor on the rig went out and had to be repaired/replaced.  I guess in order to do that they had to remove all of the casing that had been place in the well, do the repair/replacement, replace all the casing and then they would be able to start drilling again.

3 trucks carrying frac equipment head down the lease road toward C pad.

3 trucks carrying frac equipment head down the lease road toward C pad.

We were told on Saturday that the casing wasn’t going back in as easily as it should and was holding things up a bit.  Once all of the casing is back in place they still have to drill about 4,000 feet (for a total of about 20,000 feet) until they’re done.  We understand that if things go well they can drill about 1,000 feet per day so they still have about 5 days left once they are back to drilling.

By Sunday evening all of the casing had been put back in the whole and it looked like the drilling was back underway.  As one driller left to go to another rig he told us that they would probably be here another week total.

I follow several blogs, mostly RV blogs and thought that many of my readers might as well.  A while back I started using a website called Feedly that allows me to keep all of my ‘reading’ in one handy place.  Not just blogs but news sites, entertainment sites, etc.  Now I don’t have to got to each individual site for my daily reading.  I just sign into feedly and it’s all there waiting for me.  It’s not hard to set up…you just ‘add content’ meaning add a link to whatever website you want in your daily reading – this blog for example!  🙂

Sunday morning the weather got a little crazy…windy, rain, lightning.  It rained for about an hour (thankfully no vehicles during that time!)  Wind gusts of up to 28 mph rattled the coach most of the day.   It was so windy at one point this morning that I closed the off-door slide to protect our slide awning but once it calmed down some I put it back out as our internet card is in that slide and won’t work when the slide is pulled in.  Living in an RV…I am NOT a fan of wind…ugh!

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