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I had a beautiful morning!  I was up at 5:00 am, my normal 5:15 am rig worker came in and by 10:00 am I’d only logged in 3 vehicles!  By 1:30 we hadn’t completed 1 page (24 vehicles).  The majority of the traffic we did have was going to the C pad where the frac is to start next week.  We’ve had a house trailer, equipment, water, etc moving in to get things ready to go.

Kevin and Michael discussing the defective water pump

Kevin and Michael discussing the defective water pump

The water pump from the gate guard company started acting strange a few days ago but Michael put a couple of wire nuts on some loose wires and that seemed to do the trick.  Yesterday the water stopped flowing so he went out, turned off the pump and turned it back on and came back inside and we had water.  About 30 minutes later…no water again.  He went back out, repeated the above steps and it lasted about 15 minutes.  Repeat…lasted about 5 minutes.  Repeat…no water.  We switched over to our on board water tanks at that point.  I texted our service guy just so he’d be aware as we had enough water to last us a while.

Kevin happened to be just down the road this morning closing a gate and stopped by here.  He took the pump off the trailer he was towing and replaced ours with it and we once again had water.  While he was here he also topped us off with fuel.  We can’t say enough about what a good job he does for us.  Strangely enough this was the 2nd water pump we have had go bad since we’ve been gate guarding.

There’s an exciting new website out there called RVillage (Our Village).  I found out about the site from Howard & Linda Payne of RVDreams.  Howard wrote about it in THIS post.  The website is meant to be a way for RVers to find each other at campgrounds, etc….a means of meeting others and getting to know them.  I think it looks pretty exciting, fun & interesting, hopefully you will too!  If you check it out and want to befriend us, we’re 2psnapod.

It all smelled SO good!

It all smelled SO good!

This afternoon we had a truck come in pulling a trailer with a big ol’ grill on it!  You know what that means??  Grilled oilfield worker food!  We were told that they’d have plates for us.  One of the cooks came over about 5:00 pm and told us to come over and fix a plate.  Michael went over and got us each a plate.  Yummy!  Ribeyes, sausage, sweet potato casserole, twice baked potato casserole and dinner rolls!  Unfortunately, we had to cover it up and store it in the fridge until tomorrow.  It’s Lent…so no meat on Friday for us!  We did taste the potatoes and they were delish!

Now…for title of this post…’Surprise’.  To say that my family is a goofy one might be an understatement.  My mom was married 4 times.  The first marriage produced 3 children.  The second marriage produced 1 child.  The third marriage produced 2 children, the second of which was me.  The 4th marriage – produced no children but it seems that ‘true love’ finally found its way to my mom.

This is a drill bit used in the drilling process.  I thought it was pretty interesting and thought you might too.  One of the guys came to pick it up and was nice enough to show it to me and educate me.

This is a drill bit used in the drilling process. I thought it was pretty interesting and thought you might too. One of the guys came to pick it up and was nice enough to show it to me and educate me.

My older siblings (ranging from 6 to 18 years older than me) each had children of their own….from 1 child to 4 (or so I thought) some with one spouse, some with more than one spouse.  Now…most of these children (my nieces and nephews) are grown adults – the oldest will be 45 this year, the youngest just 14.  Many of these nieces and nephews have had children of their own.  So now we’ve graduated to great nieces and nephews too.  As you can see I have a fairly large family…and it’s even larger than I thought!  Unfortunately, it’s not the closest family.  I go years without any contact from siblings.  I wish it wasn’t that way…but it is.

This morning I was chatting with a few of my nieces via Facebook and one of them mentioned that her father, my brother, had 2 more daughters.  I was shocked.  I had no idea.  This particular brother has always been a bit of a ‘black sheep’.  He has 4 children, (that I knew of) ranging in age from 30-38, from 2 previous marriages and has had very little to do with them throughout their lives.  So I guess I shouldn’t have been too shocked.

After the shock came shame…I was ashamed of my brother for not letting us know and ashamed of myself for not knowing about these 2 beautiful beings.  I’ve missed out on their entire lives!  Not due to anything that I had done…but I still felt shame.  Now I feel like I have a whole life time to make up to them.

Thankfully, due to Facebook (I will be forever grateful to FB) I was able to befriend them and have started chatting with them and getting to know them, answering questions that they have about our family and asking questions about them.  They are 19 and almost 21 now and are just as beautiful as the 15 other nieces (and great nieces) I have been blessed with.  I can certainly see a resemblance between the 19-year-old and her 35-year-old half-sister as well as a resemblance between the 21-year-old and her 32-year-old half-sister.

I can only hope that our relationship blossoms and that some day we can meet in person.




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