Cold, Windy & Rainy…Blech!

Posted by on February 26, 2014
One of the drivers checking to make sure his load was secure before he left

One of the drivers checking to make sure his load was secure before he left

From 1:30 pm yesterday until midnight it was busier than we’ve seen it in about 3 weeks!  Whew….I guess I was out of practice since I was pooped by the time I went to bed!  It was steady all day today with trucks coming in to ‘washout’ (whatever that is), hauling out ‘mineral oil’ (not sure what that is either) and crews coming in to begin

Michael slept about 5 hours yesterday evening, getting up about 9:00 pm take the night shift.  By looking at the log sheet is seems that he was fairly steady as well.

The weather went a bit crazy overnight…with rain and wind….although I don’t think it rained a whole lot.  But the wind was whipping things around at 27 mph.  It stayed windy most of the day and rained enough around noon to make the dirt road a muddy road.  Ugh!  Along with the wind & rain came cold.  We never got up over 50 degrees today and with the wind it really made it chilly.  The fireplace got a workout that’s for sure!

This mornings visitors were very polite...never came too close or bothered anything

This mornings visitors were very polite…never came too close or bothered anything

With all this wind the rig isn’t able to be taken down safely so it will have to wait until the wind subsides.   The company man said we’d be here tomorrow yet and possibly Friday.  He also said we wouldn’t leave until after the last piece of equipment moves out…so I’m thinking Friday.  But we’ll see.

Michael had an unfortunate incident last night.  He bit a Mike & Ike and broke off a tooth at the gumline…it was a tooth that actually had a crown on it.  Thankfully, he has no pain from it but we will need to find a dentist that can take care of it in the very near future.

First time I've made quesadillas of any kind and they turned our great!

First time I’ve made quesadillas of any kind and they turned our great!

This morning as I was making breakfast quesadillas we noticed that the cows had wandered over our way.  They weren’t getting too close…just grazing and I’m sure checking out their new neighbors.  They didn’t stay much more than 30 minutes before moving on.  Looked like there were four calves among all the adults.  They reappeared in the afternoon but we just passing by….maybe they were on their way to dinner??

I’ve decided that we were quite spoiled on our first gate.  The pad we were parked on was covered in gravel so we had no issues with mud.  Here…that’s not the case.  We’re on a dirt road and with the rain came mud.  Luckily we have a mat out front and we can wipe our feet on it and we leave our shoes on a rug at the door…but it’s still a pain.  There are also those darn little thorned picky thingies all around so you really have to be careful when you come in the house and walk barefoot as it’s nearly impossible not to bring a few in.

4 Responses to Cold, Windy & Rainy…Blech!

  1. rpward51

    Michael’s Tooth !! OUCH!!

  2. John

    Turned cold here as well and our fireplace, which has been doing yeomen’s work, decided to quit putting out heat. After careful removal and cleaning it was just lots of cat hair ingested into the vents. So if you need pointers on fixing your trusty fireplace you know who to call. And you need to be a lot closer for a house call.

    Stay safe!

    • Kelly

      Hi John! Thankfully, no issues with the fireplace yet! But we will certainly call on you if that happens!

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