Men’s Luncheon

Posted by on February 24, 2014

Ahhhh!  What a wonderful nights sleep we got!  No bells ringing and we slept until almost 9:00 am!  It’s been quite a while since we’ve slept uninterrupted all night long.

Ricky, Rod, Frank & Michael enjoying a men's lunch

Ricky, Rod, Prentiss & Michael enjoying a men’s lunch

I set up a luncheon for the gate guarding men in our area for today.  Michael met 3 other men for lunch at Aunt Di’s Kountry Kitchen in Yorktown.  He had a 30 mile drive through the oil fields but made it with 15 minutes to spare.

Sounds like the guys had a good time getting to know each other and sharing their gate guarding experiences and would even like to do it again!  Guess that would be called a ‘success’!

While Michael was gone I did nothing!  No one to log in or out…no bells dinging (except for the phone ringing in the yard across the street that has it set to ring over their outdoor intercom!)  I just relaxed, ate some leftover Chinese for lunch, surfed on my laptop and watched some TV.  Nothing special but it was very nice.

Sounds like it shouldn’t be too long before we get another assignment.  We’re hearing from the service guys that things are really starting to pick up.  There are 3 other coaches here in the yard with us – 2 that were here before us…one of which is on a 12-hour gate, or so we understand and the other only wants an assignment with a rig.  The other coach came in after we arrived.  So if an assignment comes up that isn’t a rig we should be the first on the list!  Fingers crossed.

Holy LOTS of food!

Holy LOTS of food!

Well I guess you can call it ‘tit for tat’.  Since I had my favorite cuisine (Chinese) yesterday Michael wanted his (Mexican) today.  We went to Taqueria Jalisco in Kenedy for dinner.  One of our crane operators had brought us each a meal from there during the frac and it was very good.  We both chose to have tacos tonight and they didn’t disappoint!  Nice and crispy and flavorful and a LOT of it too.  The place was full of oilfield workers so that was a good sign too.

4 Responses to Men’s Luncheon

  1. Roy Evans

    Going to be a long night & day for me. Sally is going to Pleasanton for the ladies lunch, laundry, & Walmart, then on to Whitsett to pick up a couple of packages. Hopefully I’ll be able to go to bed early afternoon!

    • Kelly

      Hey Roy! Mike had to do that one day when I did the same as Sally…a rough day for sure….but a welcome get away for us gals! Hope you’re able to get to bed as soon as possible!

  2. rpward51

    Sounds like the down time is a delight. That taco plate looks fantastic! Enjoy your lull.

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