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The big ol' tanks that left this morning

The big ol’ tanks that left this morning

We were both up by 5:30 this morning.  The flow of vehicles coming in to continue rigging down started at 7:00 am.  It was surprisingly busier than I expected.  There were 4 HUGE tanks to come out yet, the company man’s trailer, the trash trailer, 2 sewer trucks,  and some smaller equipment that made its way out as well.

Off he goes with all 127 pages of log ins

Off he goes with all 127 pages of log ins

I took care of traffic (and finished a few move day things) while Michael did his moving day chores (satellite take down, sewer dump, electrical cord clean up and stowing etc).  Just before we pulled out Michael took our trash down to the trash trailer and also took our log pages (all 127 of them) down to Brad, the company man.  We still had vehicles down there and it felt weird not logging them out….but it is what it is!

It was crazy foggy again this morning…moist, icky fog…reminiscent of the day we arrived here….when we obtained all the nasty, icky grime on the coach & truck…that Michael just washed off in recent days!  Thankfully, by the time we pulled out the fog had lifted and the sun had dried everything up so we didn’t end up with ‘mud’ covered vehicles again.

Oh oh!

Oh oh!

Kevin arrived at the gate about 20 minutes til 11:00 and we just needed to hitch up and we were ready to go.  We left ahead of Kevin while he waited for Jesse to arrive to pull the second trailer back to the yard.  One of the generator trailer tires was low on air so Michael pulled out his handy-dandy air compressor hose and Kevin filled the tire up before we pulled out.  We pulled out of the gate at 11:09 am.  It was almost sad….but…

All set up in our new home for hopefully not very long...

All set up in our new home for hopefully not very long…

After setting up in the Karnes City yard we headed to San Antonio for some Chinese food and so that Michael could pick up the ladder he’s been drooling over for over a year.

Egg Drop for Michael and Hot & Sour for me...YUM!

Egg Drop for Michael and Hot & Sour for me…YUM!

We had a late lunch at Shangri la…going by looks it was not the best of restaurants…inside or out…but I’d read that on the reviews so expected it.  The food on the other hand…very good.  The had a dinner special 2 entrees and then we each got fried rice, soup, an egg roll and crab rangoon….all for $14.95!  Can you say, ‘deal’??  Next time I’m craving Chinese while we’re in the oil fields, I know where I’m going!

Leaving our first gate...that little black dog you see arrived just as we were getting ready to leave and followed us around and wanted to go with us!

Leaving our first gate…that little black dog you see arrived just as we were getting ready to leave and followed us around and wanted to go with us!

After lunch we stopped at Harbor freight for some spools to put our rope light on when not in use, Walmart for a few items including a pair of slip on tennis shoes for each of us as the Crocs we’ve been wearing are starting to get too warm as the weather gets hotter and our final stop was at Lowes where Michael bought his ladder.

Michael with his new play-pretty

Michael with his new play-pretty

It was nice to be out and about with no blaze orange vest attached to us, with the ability to ride in the truck together and to wear my flip flops!  (have to wear close-toed shoes while on the gate)

We were home just before 7:00 pm and where there was an empty spot next to us when we left it was filled when we got back.  Looks like they may be getting a new gate in the morning as they haven’t unhitched.  Michael thinks it’s a guy that Michael spoke with last Monday at the Whitsett office when he was there to pick up our check.

Looking forward to a nice quiet evening and a good nights sleep….just hoping that my brain can turn off and I don’t hear ‘bells’ in the middle of the night.

5 Responses to Ahhh….Freedom!

  1. rpward51

    Hot & Sour Soup is one of our favorites!
    Is that one of those four fold ladders? They’re handy as can be!
    The downtime break should be nice for a while, I’m sure.

    • Kelly

      Hey Bob!

      The ladder has the ability to fold into a bunch of different configurations and extends to a max length of 18 feet, I believe. Currently he only has a 4 ft ladder which doesn’t help when the coach is 13+ ft tall. So he’s a happy camper now!

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