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Posted by on February 21, 2014

I told Michael to sleep in this morning while I got up at 5:00 for the morning ‘rush’….ha…rush…that’s funny!  Anyway…he slept til 9:00 am which I’m sure was a nice treat.  I kind of enjoyed the quiet time too.

The supervisor of our flowback company came in this morning and brought donuts for us…which was very sweet.  He and his wife have a home in Arkansas near where Michael’s mom lives so we’ve had some nice conversations about ‘home’ and if we knew some of the same people and places.

Our handy-dandy little clipboard clock

Our handy-dandy little clipboard clock

If you’re ever thinking of trying out the gate guarding lifestyle something I’d recommend is investing in a small digital clock that you can attach to your clipboard.  It’s something that Michael decided we needed before we got here so we hunted one down and finally found one in the Automotive department at Walmart…I think it cost around $5.00.  Neither of us wears a watch anymore and we sure didn’t want to have to constantly check our cell phones for the time.

It was a beautiful day today, giving Michael more opportunity to work on getting the coach cleaned off.  He should be able to get it finished tomorrow some time.

As the field supervisor for the company man left this afternoon he stopped to let me know that we’ll be released from the gate sometime this Sunday.  He said that they didn’t have anything going on right now and the next completion job (what we just did) wouldn’t be starting for 2 weeks.  Our safety guy would like us to go to that job and we’d really like to as well.  So we’re considering waiting for that gate (if they confirm that they want us).  We’d like to try to get a short job or two in between so that we have some money coming in…but we’ll see what happens.

We knew this day was coming but thought it would be mid next week before we were released.  We’ve really enjoyed our time on this, our first, gate.  The work wasn’t hard, it wasn’t crazy busy and we really enjoyed getting to know so many of the guys that came through the gate….it truly was a pleasure.

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2 Responses to Got Notified Today…

  1. rpward51

    Isn’t it great what a good first experience you had on your initial assignment?! Makes us interested in doing it.

    • Kelly

      Hi Bob! I know! We really got lucky on this gate, I think! Now we’ll just see what the next gate is like. So far I’d recommend gate guarding…but then again we didn’t get a crappy assignment either.

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