Burn, Baby, Burn!

Posted by on February 20, 2014
This is what a 'home' in the oil patch looks like!

This is what a ‘home’ in the oil patch looks like!

It continues to be slow for us here in the oil patch.  No complaining from us though.  While it’s slow it affords us the luxury of sleeping together, which is very nice.  Tuesday night we had one vehicle come through about 4:oo am and last night our last vehicle went through the gate at 7:24 pm with the first this morning coming in at 5:41 am.  We took advantage of that and went to be before 8:00 pm!  I read for a while and Michael messed around on his phone but it was lights out before 8:30 pm….it was WONDERFUL!

We have less and less equipment pulling out.  I think the last of what will leave now until next week left on Tuesday afternoon.  Our workover rig crew’s ‘house’ was hauled out Tuesday

Such a sweet group of ladies!

Such a sweet group of ladies!

afternoon although the crew has been gone since Sunday.  We also had a manlift leave that day as well.  I think all that’s left down on the pad at this point is the company man’s trailer and the 3 flow test trailers.  Those will leave next week when everything is completed….I think!

I checked with one of the guys to see if I can take a picture once everyone and all the equipment is gone and was told ‘sure’.  So When that happens I’ll get a pic of ‘our’ wells for ya!

Wednesday I got together with 4 other women gate guards for lunch.  We met in Cuero, which is about 40 miles east of us.  We’d decided to try to put together a luncheon closer to all of us as the other luncheons are pretty far for us to travel.  This worked out well and I think we’ll probably do it again next month.

I've had better chicken fried steak....but it wasn't bad and the company was great so it's all good.

I’ve had better chicken fried steak….but it wasn’t bad and the company was great so it’s all good.

We met at the Bahnhof Cafe…just 5 of us….but it was a nice number as we were able to get to know each other and converse more freely than with larger numbers.  Food was good but it was making new friendships that I really enjoyed.  Most of us had been chatting via our gate guard page on Facebook so this was a really nice chance to meet in person.

Now I’d like to see some of the men gate guards get together for some companionship, as well.  Gonna see what I can do.

I planned to stop at HEB & Walmart while in Cuero and do my weekly grocery shopping.  I stopped at HEB first and picked up some fresh produce and meat as I’m not a big fan of Wal-Mart’s produce or meat.  Next stop was Walmart.  When I pulled into the parking lot I was a bit surprised to see that it didn’t look like a supercenter.  I thought maybe I was mistaken and went inside anyway…sure enough….not a supercenter!  How many non-supercenters have you seen lately?  Especially in the south!?!   I ended up picking up a few things on my list but then decided I’d have to go to the Walmart in Kenedy after all.  Ugh!

I drove the 40+ miles back to Kenedy, picked up my remaining groceries at Walmart and then picked up some burgers from Sonic.  I’d left home about 10:30 am and didn’t get back home until after 5:00 pm!  Long day of driving and shopping and I was pooped!

Here's a good pic of how filthy our poor home was...

Here’s a good pic of how filthy our poor home was…

We have a guy that comes by every day that checks on Evangeline (the producing well that shares our gate) and now our 3 wells, now that they are producing.  He has 40 wells on his route that he checks on each day.  He makes sure that everything is running as it should be and notates each well’s stats.  He told us yesterday that ‘our’ wells are doing wonderfully!  They’re producing almost 18 times what one of his best well produces!  I’m so proud of our wells!  🙂

Gonna wash that grime right off of our coach!

Gonna wash that grime right off of our coach!

The dirt on the coach that we acquired on our way to this gate while traveling through the fog has been driving us crazy!  Today Michael decided to use a small bucket of water (sparingly, of course) to try to get some of the grime off the coach.  It won’t be a same day job but hopefully over the next few days he can get the majority of it wiped down.  It’s only on the bottom third of the coach…so that helps.

This was taken from in front of our coach...can you say HUGE flame!?!

This was taken from in front of our coach…can you say HUGE flame!?!

This morning as our night shift left they stopped and talked to Michael and asked if  we’d gotten their ‘wake up call’.  They pointed out to Michael that the flare stack was burning off natural gas (something that’s done when there’s an excess).  They said that there was SO much to burn off that it was SO loud down on the pad that they had to yell to hear each other.  I’d say it was loud as I could hear it all the way up here (3/4 of a mile away) while outside.  Unfortunately, it’s in the ‘zone’ that Michael wasn’t able to hear.  Plus the flame was bigger than I’ve seen so far.  Not sure when it started burning but I know it was burning at 7:00 am and it was still burning at 7:00 pm.  That’s a LOT of excess….and people say we have a shortage here in the U.S…don’t be fooled.




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