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Posted by on February 18, 2014
Ugh....pre-wash - certainly has seen better days.

Ugh….pre-wash – certainly has seen better days.

It’s been pretty quiet since the workover rig left on Sunday.  We had two small crews here during the workover.  The workover crew consisted of 5 guys.  Then we also had the flow testing crew – a day crew of 6 guys and a night crew of 6 guys.  Now we just have the flow testing crews.   Throughout the day we have various ‘visitors’ and of course the flow back trucks.  We used to just have flow back trucks that carried the excess water off site but we now have flow back trucks that carry the excess oil off site too….I’d say less than a dozen total each day.

Ahhhhh....SO much better!

Ahhhhh….SO much better!

Since it’s fairly quiet at night Michael has been going to bed like a semi-normal person.  He gets up if the bell happens to ring (which it did twice last night) and then gets up at 5:00 am to prepare for the incoming day crew and out going night crew.  This morning I got up at 5:00 am so that he could sleep in and get a couple extra hours of sleep.

Michael had plans to drive over to Whitsett to pick up our paycheck from the office yesterday.  Just before leaving he made a call to the office to be sure that the check was there.  Thank goodness he did as there was no one at the office…I guess because of President’s Day.  So no trip to Whitsett…instead he went into town and washed the truck at a local car wash.  It needed it badly (as does the coach).  The day we were brought to this gate (5 weeks ago) was terribly foggy…a soupy wet fog that adhered to the truck (and coach) and with it all kinds of dirt.  It cost him almost $20 to get it all washed off but in my book it was well worth it!  Now we just need to figure out how to get the coach washed too.

Thankfully Kevin's not camera shy and was ok with me taking pictures!

Thankfully Kevin’s not camera shy and was ok with me taking pictures!

While Michael was gone washing the truck, Kevin, our service guy stopped by to do some maintenance on the generator – oil change, check the spark plugs, that kinda thing.  He also made sure to top off the fuel while he was at it.  Too bad he didn’t have the water trailer with him….he could have topped off our water supply too and we’d have been good for quite some time!

While I held down the fort, Michael made the trip to Whitsett today to pick up our check.  He also found that we had 2 other pieces of mail waiting for us!  Valentines from our grandbabies and their parents.  What a wonderful surprise!

More artwork for the refrigerator door!

More artwork for the refrigerator door!

The gas station next to the Gate Guard Services office in Whitsett has some darn good fried chicken.  It has a little ‘zip’ to it and we prefer it to the Church’s Chicken here in Kenedy.    Michael brought some home, stopping at Church’s to pick up some sides to go with it for our lunch.  However, today’s chicken didn’t have any ‘zip’….they must have given us the wrong kind last time.  You can bet next time we’ll ask for the ‘wrong’ kind.  LOL

Since we had a big lunch, a small dinner of popcorn was in order!  We’re big fans of home-made popcorn (not microwave) and I have some special seasonings that I got in Amish Country, Indiana last summer that I love to use.


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