Show Me The Money!

Posted by on February 13, 2014

Monday evening the rig broke down and someone had to come in to repair it.  Since he didn’t have the necessary parts to fix it (transmission troubles) he slept on site and then left early in the morning to get the parts.  Once he was back with the parts he was in and out in less than an hour and they were back in business.  The breakdown doesn’t seem to have put them behind at all.

Kevin replacing the water pump

Kevin replacing the water pump

Early Tuesday afternoon, Kevin, our service guy was here to fill our diesel.  We also needed water but he didn’t have the water trailer so he came back Wednesday morning to fill the water and while he was here he topped off the fuel as well.  So we’re good for a couple of weeks again.

Unfortunately, late Wednesday afternoon we had no water.  Michael went to investigate and found that the water pump on the water/generator trailer had died.  Once again he called Kevin and explained the situation.  He let him know that we had water in our on-board tank and that he could wait until the following morning to fix the pump.

Kevin showed up shortly before 9:00 am this morning with a new pump and within a half an hour he had new old pumped removed and the new pump installed and our water was once again flowing.

On Tuesday I tried a new recipe in the crock pot and it turned out pretty darn good…something we’ll have again.  If you’re interested in trying the recipe you can click HERE for the recipe for Crock Pot Creamy Chicken & Rice.

Woohoo!  Money in the bank...FINALLY!

Woohoo! Money in the bank…FINALLY!

Wednesday morning Michael drove over to the Whitsett office to pick up our first paycheck.  It had gotten lost somewhere along the way and was reissued and we finally got a chance to get there to pick it up yesterday.  We also had some mail waiting for us as we let it accumulate until we have enough to justify the 60 mile round trip.

After finding that this weeks check hadn’t been direct deposited again I called the office in Corpus Christi and was given the number of the woman who does the payroll out of her home.  I called her and after she did some checking she found that she didn’t have a direct deposit form on file for us…kinda had a feeling that’s what I was going to hear.  Easily fixed…I filled out the Michael picked up yesterday, he scanned it and then I emailed it to her and it is now in the system and our next paycheck will be direct deposited.  In the meantime…next week we’ll have to take another drive over to Whitsett to pick up the paper check once it arrives at the office via snail mail.

Fixing the vacuum system.  One of the 'knobbies' was stuck so there was not contact being made.  Michael made a temporary fix for now.

Fixing the vacuum system. One of the ‘knobbies’ was stuck so there was not contact being made. Michael made a temporary fix for now.

In talking with the field supervisor for the company men yesterday it sounds like the workover rig will be pulling out of here on Saturday and then there will be a 1 week flow test done.  Since the land owners don’t want the gate open unless there is a gate guard here we’ll be staying as long as there is work going on down on the pad.  I guess there are supposed to be deer on the property and if there is no gate guard people come on the property and hunt without consent.  So we’re figuring we’ll be here roughly another 10 days at the least…possibly longer depending on what goes on.  We’re good with that…that will bring us to almost 6 weeks.

Another gorgeous sunset here in the south Texas oil patch

Another gorgeous sunset here in the south Texas oil patch

The early part of the weeks we dealt with near freezing temps at night and highs in the low to mid 40s.  Yesterday warmed up to almost 60 and the sun was out ALL day!  It’s a wonder how much the sun shining helps.  Today we’re looking for a high of 70 and for the next week or so the forecast shows highs in the 70s and low 80s.  That’s why we’re in south Texas!

Michael’s finding time to putz during the day now that he’s able to sleep much of the night – he cleaned fan, restrung a shade, replaced a part on a shade that had fallen off, cleaned up out back.  He also found that our vacuum cleaner was broken and temporarily fixed that.  He’ll need to order a new outlet from Heartland and install that for a permanent fix.

2 Responses to Show Me The Money!

  1. Roy Evans

    Our bell quit around noon today. Sally has been staying outside so she didn’t need it. I did some checking when I got up, & think it may be a problem with the bell itself. Fortunately I bought a driveway alarm before we left, so I turned it on. They’ll be here tomorrow with a new bell.

    • Kelly

      Our bell stopped once but Michael was able to get it working again…no troubles since.

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