Workover Rig, BBQ And A Handy Guy

Posted by on February 9, 2014
The biggest part of the workover rig coming in

The biggest part of the workover rig coming in

It’s been very quiet in our little corner of the oil patch the last few days.  We’ve averaged just 75 vehicles a day since the workover rig came in, where we were averaging about 100 vehicles per day during wireline.  No complaints here!  We’re enjoying the semi-peace and will continue to since we get paid the same amount whether we have 75 vehicles per day or 250 vehicles per day.

The workover rig came in on Friday.  I find it strange…me, the one that doesn’t give a hoot about that kind of stuff, finds it very interesting to watch these big ol’ contraptions come and go.  The rig came in several different pieces but the biggest portion was just one big bunch of metal bars on top of a truck.

The field supervisor for the oil company came by on Friday and it sounds like we’ll be here for another couple of weeks.  The workover rig is scheduled to be here for 9 days (3 days per well) and then the flow line guys will be back.  We’re happy to stay here as long as it takes as that is guaranteed money.  After that we’ll see if we go back to the yard for a while or if we’ll be sent directly to another gate.

Michael's brisket was nice and lean...just the way he likes it

Michael’s brisket was nice and lean…just the way he likes it

On Friday, we decided to get some BBQ for lunch so Michael headed into Kenedy to pick up some food from Lazy J BBQ.  We’d had a couple of the crew tell us that it was pretty good so we decided to see for ourselves.  One tip:  trust the opinions of the guys on the crew when it comes to food…cuz they know what they’re talking about.  As usual, Michael had brisket and I had ribs we were both very happy!  We also had macaroni & cheese and seasoned green beans as sides…both of which were very tasty as well!  We’ll definitely go back!

Yesterday we heard a ‘rumor’ that this was a ‘day only ‘ operation…which would explain why Michael has had little to no traffic between 8:00 pm and 5:00 am.  We checked with the company man last night and he confirmed that this is a 12-hour operation…which is good to know.  However, a couple of the workhands have gone out the last couple of nights and not come back until close to 1:00 am.

At the request of one of our new readers, Anita, I’ve added pictures of the inside of our coach that I took when we went to Tampa to order it back in January 2011.  The pictures were taken of the ‘prototype’ but ours is the same except for a few changes that were made to the design.  If you’re interested you can check out the updates on the ‘Coach Info’ page by clicking HERE.

We're back in business!

We’re back in business!

A few months back Michael noticed that one of the supports that is under one of our cabinet shelves was falling down.  It’s in the middle of the shelf to give added support and obviously if it was falling down it wasn’t giving any support.

Michael bought a few t-shaped metal brackets at Walmart and added them to the underside of the shelf to hold the crossbar back in place and to give us that extra support again.  Once again, my handy-husband comes to the rescue!

Today was a gloriously slow day….we didn’t start our second page of log ins until after 9:00 pm!





4 Responses to Workover Rig, BBQ And A Handy Guy

  1. rpward51

    That pile o’stuff on the trailer reminds me of my Erector set I had as a kid.

    Those shelves are stronger with the T-Brackets than they ever were from the factory. I’d go ahead and add the brackets to any other supports before they pop apart.


    • Kelly

      Erector set! That’s the words I’ve been looking for! Thanks, Bob!

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Michael takes your advice and adds the T-brackets to the rest of the shelving in the coach. A little preventive maintenance is a good thing!

  2. rpward51

    Oh, and I’m very envious of those pix of South Texas food.

    • Kelly

      Ha! I’ll be sure to continue including pics of the Yummy South Texas food we’re fortunate enough to be able to enjoy!

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