Dropping Temps & End of Coiled Tubing

Posted by on February 2, 2014
Saying goodbye to some of our 'big rigs'

Saying goodbye to some of our ‘big rigs’

From a beautiful day with a high around 80 yesterday to a rainy, gloomy, windy day with a high around 45 today!  Fickle Mother Nature sure doesn’t know how to make up her mind!  We had the air conditioning going yesterday and today…the space heater!

We had just 72 vehicles pass through the gate yesterday and expected it to be somewhat busier today with equipment being moved out.  The morning was quiet and then in the late afternoon things picked up a little bit and then just about shift change we had quite a few vehicles pull out.  We still have 3 big equipment trucks down there that will come out tomorrow morning.

Have a few more trucks to pull out tomorrow and then the next phase begins

Have a few more trucks to pull out tomorrow and then the next phase begins

There was a bit of a delay getting the equipment moved out as something (don’t ask me what) got stuck and they had a tough time getting it unstuck.

Michael went into Kenedy around noon to do our weekly grocery shopping at Walmart.  I received 3 text messages and 5 phone calls during his 2 1/2 hour escapade.   Before he left I went over the list with him and explained what things were and where to find them.  I guess we’re gonna have to give him so more grocery shopping practice!  Are all men hopeless when it comes to grocery shopping?

When he was done shopping, Michael called Polak’s Sawsage Farm Restaurant in Karnes City to place an order to bring home.  Unfortunately, they closed early today…guess we’ll have to try that another day.  We settled for Sonic instead as there isn’t much open on Sunday it seems.

Got the Super Bowl on for the guys to watch as they drove by

Got the Super Bowl on for the guys to watch as they drove by

Michael decided to turn the TV on outside, tuned into the Super Bowl so that any of the guys that were interested could check it out as they drove by. We got quite a few thumbs up.  However, with the way the game went and the fact that coiled tubing was done and over with and most everyone was gone by 6:30 the TV was able to be put away by 8:30 pm.

Should be a quiet night as we only have about 15 guys down there tonight and over half of them have the night off.  Keep your fingers crossed that Michael can spend the night in bed.


9 Responses to Dropping Temps & End of Coiled Tubing

  1. Donna Boudot Rogers

    Ted only gets 3 calls per grocery trip!

    • Kelly

      I’m pretty sure this might be Michael’s last solo trip to the grocery store as I still ended up with wrong items.!

  2. rpward51

    As far as shopping, this man can hit the Walmart with my shopping list, go thru the store with minimal reversing of course or duplication of path, check out, and be out in the parking lot in 30 minutes max. Usually 15 or 20 minutes. LOL!

    • Kelly

      Bob – I’m thinking Michael needs you to take him under your wing and show him the way…

  3. Roy Evans

    Way to go Michael!!!! Finally figured out the manly way out of doing the shopping!!! I knew you could do it! BTW, Kelly why is that rattler under & just behind the steps?

    • Kelly

      Aren’t you just the smarty pants, Mr. Evans?!

    • Michael

      Thats the bell hose. We cure it up when its outside. And pull the long hose and cord into the side slide window. Because I have issues hearing it with the TV on.

  4. John

    I think you were too vague regarding what Michael was to pick up. I have no trouble getting items on Rana’s list as long as they are spelled/described in detail. Try Michael I’ve got his back. 🙂

    • Michael

      Thanks John. The real issue was they did not have the things she wanted. This is a smaller Walmart and they did not have many items. Like zucchini or our favorite bread.

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