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Oh Oh!  I think someone lost something...

Oh Oh! I think someone lost something…

About 5:30 this morning there was a very loud noise that woke me up and startled Michael enough for me to feel him jump, out in the living room.  He went out to investigate but didn’t find anything amiss.  I told him it sounded like someone had a blow out right outside the coach on the highway.

Hours later when logging a vehicle out I noticed a ‘retread’ lying on the side of the road at the end of our road!  Score one for me!

MmmmMmmm good!

MmmmMmmm good!

Michael took a drive to Whitsett this morning to pick up some mail we had accumulating there.  It’s about a 45 minute ride one-way.  He was gone about 3 hours and when he got back he decided to drive back into Kenedy to pick up some burgers at RJ’s Hamburgers for lunch.

I’d heard from some of the guys that they had good burgers….and they were right.  They also have good reviews on Yelp. They’re very similar to the burgers we had last year at Gonzales Burgers in Donna, Texas.  If we’re in this are for very long I’m sure we’ll be treating ourselves to some more burgers!

The new water filtration sytem

The new water filtration sytem

Our mail consisted of a sunshade that we’d ordered from Amazon and a water filtration system from The RV Water Filter Store.  The sunshade will come in handy to ward off the hot Texas sun.  The water filtration system was another recommendation by friends that have gate guarded in the past.  The water in the tanks isn’t the cleanest so the water filtration system will help filter any ‘yucky stuff’ in the water before it comes into the coach.

The temporary set up

The temporary set up

Michael plans to eventually install the whole filtration system in the ‘back’ basement out of the way but for now he has a temporary set up that will work until he can get it squared away the way he wants it.

As the rest of the country is experiencing deep freezes, Texas is being hit too.  Obviously not as hard as other parts of the country but for south Texas it’s cold.  We’re looking for low of 33 tonight and a low of 29 on Tuesday night.  That coupled with the 30 mph winds we’re experiencing is pretty darn chilly for these parts!

That's one big ol' hose!

That’s one big ol’ hose!

The water hose that was across the road from our coach for the past 2 weeks was removed today.  Over the last 2 days the guys worked on disconnecting the massive pieces and then let them drain.  Today they came by with big huge spools that after a quick push of a button rolled the hoses up onto the spools.  Just like a regular garden hose reel but on steroids!

I did a little baking today for a few of the guys.  We have a much smaller crew for the coiled tubing portion of this process than we did for the frac so not as much was needed.  I cannot tell a lie…the baking I did was all thanks to Nestle and those nice little tubs of pre-made cookie dough!  I hate baking…so this will have to do.  Just don’t tell the guys!

Traffic was slower than it was during the frac but steady.  By 6:00 pm tonight we had roughly 125 vehicles pass through the gate.  Mostly just workers at shift change, a few visitors to see the company man and a few supervisors to check on their crew down on the pad.  Not a bad day at all.  I’m thinking it’ll be on the quiet side for Michael tonight…but we’ll just have to wait and see.






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  1. Anita Thompson

    We have installed “reverse osmosis” filtering in every RV we have owned since 1999. Your filter in the picture doesn’t have the “membrane”. . or the storage tank –3 gallons. I couldn’t live without it. Besides saving us the cost, and hassle of buying and carrying bottled water . . it is nice to be able to check on the cleanliness of it. Did you get a TDS meter too? Total Dissolved Solids – tells you how much of your clear water is NOT Water . . but something else. fluoride, germs, minerals, chlorine, whatever.

    I guess you heard we may not get a gate this year. . . several of the companies I contacted said they have all they need until March. oh well. We make our plans . . but God orders our steps. I trust He knows what is best for us. He has always provided for all my NEEDS, not necessarily my Wants. . .ha ha

    I am off now to live another day . . .and Blog about it. thanks for sharing.

    • Michael

      Anita, I did not want to get that involved yet. Kelly drinks lots of water, so we buy it by the gallon. And also bottles for on the go. I will eventually go with some kind of bio filter also. Just wanted to get some hardness removed. I do have a filter that gets most of it. And will improve that as we go. I just was not ready to invest a whole lot out here in the oil patch. And it just sets outside for now. I also plan on getting a stand alone water softener at some time. Sorry to hear about you not getting a gate. Yes the big guy upstairs does work in mysterious ways sometimes. Maybe that is why he sent us where and when he did. Keep in touch. And hopefully we will see you down the road at sometime. Or even in a yard at GGS.


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