Done Fracking, Now What?

Posted by on January 23, 2014

Yesterday’s numbers were pretty consistent with what we’ve been experiencing since the frack started last Thursday. We had 237 ‘in & outs’ for the day.

The first of some of the big equipment leaving the lease

The first of some of the big equipment leaving the lease

Today started off strong as well…Michael logged 21 sand trucks, alone, between midnight and 7:00 am…that doesn’t count any other traffic.

This morning was kind of on the quiet side…enough so that I was able to watch a movie with only a few interruptions.  Traffic was slower than we’ve been used to with the frack coming to an end today.  A few vehicles and some equipment left as they were no longer needed but it sounds like the majority of the equipment will go tomorrow.

It was windy, chilly and overcast all day.  No need for air conditioning…although I did turn the fireplace on a few times to take the chill out of the air a bit.  I don’t think it ever got much over 50.  Looked like it was going to rain all day…even sprinkled for about 30 seconds late morning.

Early morning...3 sand trucks getting some sleep while another heads out

Early morning…3 sand trucks getting some sleep while another heads out

Our sand truck drivers keep some crazy hours.  But they say that they have to work when the work is offered.  Sometimes they work 24 hours with a few cat naps here and there while they wait to get rid of their load.  Quite often we’ve had trucks parked on the side of the lease road for several hours at a time.  This morning we had 3 trucks parked…catching a few Z’s before they had to pick up another load to deliver.  Sadly, I had to wave goodbye to many drivers this morning as they left from delivering their last loads to this site.  🙁

My leg is feeling quite a bit better today.  I’m able to walk a little faster and easier…doing less hobbling and more walking!  I still have to be mindful of not making sudden moves and walking too quickly.  Our son, Zack, gave me some exercises to do.  I was too afraid to do them right away because I knew they’d send me through the roof…but today I tried to at least get my leg in the position required…and got it partly done.  Little strides…

Around 3:00 pm or so it really started cooling off…to the point where it was darn right cold.  When I’d go out to log someone in or out my hands would get so cold!  Couple that with the crazy wind (25 mph gusts or so) and a drizzly rain…it was miserable.  You can bet your bottom dollar that the fireplace and heat pumps were on duty!

Cantu, the driver of the last sand truck heading out

Cantu, the driver of the last sand truck heading out

About 4:30 pm the last 2 sand trucks pulled out and not too long after that one of the worker bees came by and said that the company doing the frack was going to be shutting down for the night due to weather.  We’re expecting freezing rain

As the safety guy, Hans, left this evening he told us that we were going to be moving with the fracking crew to the next gate.  He said that the company man called our gate guard company and requested that we go.  We’ve not heard anything yet so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

After about 7:00 pm traffic was pretty much nonexistent so we were able to eat dinner, surf and  watch TV without any interruptions.  It was a nice change!



4 Responses to Done Fracking, Now What?

  1. South Dakota

    sounds like you guys are “doing it the right way” to be requested to accompany the crew. That is quite an honor. We didn’t enjoy the frac phase much, way too busy for our taste luckily they don’t last too long, we were always glad to see that frac equipment roll out the gate. LOL

    • Kelly

      We really enjoyed this crew so it really was nice to be requested. But until we actually hear from Gate Guard Services that we will be moving we aren’t counting on it. We didn’t mind the frac phase but I was kinda looking forward to a little bit quieter couple of days…but oh well. We’re here to make money so if we do follow them…it’ll be money in the bank!

  2. Joe Lenz

    Enjoy the calm

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