Crew Change, A Mexican Treat & DUST!

Posted by on January 22, 2014

When I first woke up this morning I thought I’d had a miracle cure as my leg felt pretty darn good.  However, after a little movement I could tell that I was still in the same condition I went to bed in.  Oh well…life goes on…I’ll just take it slow and steady, rest it as much as possible and not try to do any Olympic sprinting.

Just a picture to show you how close we are parked to highway 239.

Just a picture to show you how close we are parked to highway 239.

The company that is doing this frack shut down for a few hours this morning to do some scheduled maintenance and we were told that it might be on the quiet side.   Not the case.  We filled up three pages before 1:00 pm where it normally takes til about 3:00 or a little later.

Actually it was probably our busiest day to date with 120+ vehicles logged in and 93  logged out before 8:30 pm.  I’ll be interested to see how the rest of the night goes.

We heard today that the frack is moving right along and they should be complete sometime tomorrow.  And it still sounds like we’ll be staying here and the other gate guards (a security company) that are down the road from us will be moving with the frack crew to the next gate.

I guess Wednesday is shift change day for many of the companies here on site.  Quite a bit of the extra traffic was guys coming in to work that have been off for a week or 2 and those that are leaving for their time off.  It’s kinda sad to see some of these guys go as we’ve really enjoyed many of them.  Maybe we’ll come across some of them on another gate somewhere.  Now that we are mastering names & faces we’ll have to do it all over again!

A treat straight from Mexico!

A treat straight from Mexico!

One of our sand truck drivers, Ramiro, brought us a gift this morning.  I think it was in exchange for the Fruity Pebble Treat I gave him the other day.  It’s a product of Mexico – a pineapple empanada.  I thought there were 2 ‘cookies’ in the package but it turns out there were 4!  There wasn’t much pineapple in the empanadas and they weren’t the tastiest but they were ok.

If you are considering trying the gate guarding gig on for size be sure to keep in mind that it is a VERY dusty experience! The dust gets everywhere…I even had to dust the tops of my refrigerator doors on the inside!  Michael commented that it will take us a week to get the coach cleaned up fully…just on the inside!  We are dusting every few days to try to help some….but it is certainly a never-ending job out here in the oil patch!

With the dust also comes dry skin and lips….be sure to have lotion and lip balm on hand as well!

As the ‘mad dash’ was nearing and end this evening Michael started the grill and put some Korean style ribs on to cook and by the time the last of the day shift workers were out the gate we were ready to sit down for dinner.  We got a few vehicles while we ate but we’re definitely getting used to interruptions.

After dinner we sat together and watched a little DVR’d TV to end the day.



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