‘Pop’! That Can’t Be Good…

Posted by on January 21, 2014

I guess I slept through some drama!  Seems that one of the semi drivers ran over a stump down on the lease and when some other people tried to help him  he got upset and flew out of there.  He blew by us and was pulling out onto the highway before Michael even realized he’d been here!

A couple of the work hands came down and talked with Mike and explained what happened and told him that if this guy happened to come back he wasn’t allowed back on the property.  Shortly after the safety guy came by and reiterated that if the trucker came back we should call him if we had any issues with him.

Yesterdays numbers were pretty close to those on Sunday.  We had just under 240 vehicles pass through the gate – going in and out.  So far we find that to be a pretty manageable number.  It allows us time to watch TV, cook, clean, surf the internet etc.

Ugh...icing the calf

Ugh…icing the calf

This morning after going down the steps of the coach I took a step and felt a ‘pop’ in my left calf and then pain.  I was able to hobble around if I walked on the ball of my foot.  I tried ‘walking it off’ but that didn’t seem to help at all.  I did a little research and found that ‘popping’ in the calf usually means some kind of a torn or strained muscle.  My self diagnosis is a grade 2 strain that in my reading says I will experience soreness and tightness for at least a week.  Treatment is RICE.  I applied ice throughout the day and took some ibuprofen to help prevent the swelling.  A consultation with my athletic trainer/son confirmed that I need to ice and compress the injury.  Now we’ll just see how it goes.

This afternoon our service guy, Kevin, dropped of a binder containing all of the ‘rules’ from the different oil companies we might encounter.  Nothing we hadn’t already heard or read about so nothing came as a surprise.  The book also contains contact numbers for different people in the company as well as emergency numbers for the area.

Thanks to one of our readers, Phil, I was able to ask one of the guys what stage we were on in the frack.  He found out and came back to let me know that they were on stage 33 of 47.  The goal is to complete 8 stages in a 24 hour period so if everything goes smoothly the frack portion of this process should be done Thursday or Friday.

I had a craving for some fried chicken so Michael went into town this evening and picked up some Church’s Chicken for dinner.  My calf hasn’t gotten any better so not having to cook was a huge plus!

We spent a couple of hours watching TV (between vehicles).  For some reason traffic really seemed to pick up after 8:00 pm and we had a really hard time finishing watching the TV show we were watching.  Thank goodness for DVRs!



6 Responses to ‘Pop’! That Can’t Be Good…

  1. rpward51

    Pop or crack noises from our “mature” bodies are never a good thing. Hope that calf calms down for you.

    • Kelly

      Bob – I refuse to admit that at 47 my body is ‘mature’….the rest of me isn’t…why should my body be?!?!

      • rpward51

        Well, I’m 62 almost 63. I’m immature as can be but my body, well not so much.

        I guess we can agree that, regardless of age, popping and cracking noise ain’t a good thing. LOL!!

  2. John Krussow

    That’s my biggest fear for you two is going in and out of the coach, up and down those stairs is an accident waiting to happen. Please be careful because Kelly, I don’t want you to hurt your back digging a hole to put Michael’s carcass in. 🙂

    • Kelly

      John – In this case it wasn’t the steps fault…I was already off the steps when ‘pop’ happened. :/

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