Generator Woe’s And Evangeline

Posted by on January 19, 2014
This evening's 'mad dash'

This evening’s ‘mad dash’

I slept pretty good last night.  I’ve learned to sleep with one of Michael’s pillows over my head (LOL!) and that helps drown out any traffic.  Now I just have to get used to the movement of the coach as Michael goes in and out.  I do well in the middle of the night but once the 5:00 am ‘mad dash’ starts I have a hard time ignoring it.

I got out of bed at 5:45 am to find out that the generator had stopped working about 1/2 an hour prior.  Michael went out and tried to restart it with no luck.  It still had plenty of fuel.  After doing a little inspecting he found that it had thrown a fan belt.

Michael supervising Austin as he replaces the broken fan belt

Michael supervising Austin as he replaces the broken fan belt

He’d tried calling our service guy several times with no answer.  He ended up getting a hold of Mark, the supervisor at the Whitsett office, and he said that there was a guy on call and he’d be right over.  Austin got here 8:45 and was gone by 9:00 am.  He replaced the belt, got the generator running again and chatted with Michael before heading off.

Unfortunately, the generator only ran about 20 minutes before it died again.  I guess the belt was too big and after working a little bit it stretched out way too much and we were out of business again.  Michael called Austin again and he made it back here about 30 minutes later with the right belt.  Fifteen minutes after he arrived he was gone again and the generator was once again purring away.

The generator is really not loud at all.  It’s parked right behind our back (living room) window but doesn’t hinder our hearing the TV or bother our sleep.  However, while it was off today we noticed that we could actually hear work going on down at the frack site…something we can’t hear at all when the generator is running!

Downtown Kenedy, population 3296

Downtown Kenedy, population 3296

I went into Kenedy about 6:45 this morning so that I could pick up a few items from Walmart.  The Walmart is located on highway 181 between Kenedy and Karnes City and is just under 8 miles from where we’re parked.  It’s a small store but I was able to find everything that I needed.  It was nice and quiet with pretty much just me and Walmart employees in the store.

I was gone just a little over an hour and when I came back I visited Evangeline before parking at home.  Evangeline is another well that was drilled on this land.  The road to Evangeline is just past our coach, toward the current frack site, about a football field away.


Evangeline is the red thing in the center and the white thing in the background is the separator

She’s a fully operational well and I thought it would be interesting to see what it looked like.  I guess it’s really nothing exciting but now I know what the current wells that are being fracked will look like when done.  One day soon I’ll take a ride to the current site and see if I can get a couple of pictures.

It’s funny getting to know our semi-truck drivers.  We have pretty much the same guys that deliver sand, diesel, chemicals, etc.  Baltazar drives a red truck and always has a smile and made sure I knew who he was named after (one of the wise men, of course!) and that his birthday is the same day that the wise men came.  Shoeless Rick always opens his door to talk with me making it easy to see that he drives in only his socks!  Noel Sr. and Noel Jr.  always come in and depart at the same time…father and son, of course.

Some of the ‘worker bees’ are also easy to pick out.  Tyler has dreads and instead of driving straight down the road as he leaves he always points the front end of the truck straight at me so that I can see the plate number easier.  Oneil & Edward turn the water to the ‘hose’ outside our door on & off throughout the day and night.  Zach and I have an on going battle over the correct spelling of ‘ZACK‘.  I just can’t explain what a great bunch of guys this is…hoping that every gate assignment comes with the same sort of people.

We enjoyed a fairly peaceful spaghetti dinner together and then settled down to watch a little TV.  We were able to watch a little TV and even video chat with our youngest son, Dan and his wife Amanda.  We had to log a few sand trucks in and out but it’s a quick process so it wasn’t any bother.

10 Responses to Generator Woe’s And Evangeline

  1. kimdot2013

    Kelly, have you ever tried ear plugs? I started using them when we travel – work great. I don’t hear traffic, neighbors and sometimes trains. Also works great for drowning out snoring – I got so use to them I. Use them at home. Dottie

    • Kelly

      Kim & Dot! So wonderful to hear from you! I tried earplugs when Michael first came home from Iraq…snoring..ugh! But hated having anything in my ears. The pillows work well (LOL) and I’m getting used to the noise anyway…maybe the pillows will go away soon?!?

  2. Joe Lenz

    I really am enjoying your blog.. Keep’em coming. Just a dreamer now. Retired ,but have M inlaw living with us…

    • Kelly

      Hi Joe! Thanks so much for reading! Keep dreamin’! Do you have an RV currently? If so, don’t let MIL stand in your way…take her with for some short trips! We’ve had Mike’s mom with us in the past and she LOVED it!

      • Joe Lenz

        Hi Kelly, busy day I see. No RV at this time. Which is good in away. MIL unable to travel. But we are looking at a few . Hope to be in one soon.

        • Kelly

          Hi Joe! Sorry to her your MIL is unable to travel….then in that case you’ll just have to dream and don’t let anything get in the way of that dream! Good luck!

  3. John Krussow

    Kelly, your reports/posts are quite interesting and informative. Keep them coming! Please include as many photos as possible (I know dust may hinder that) but I do like seeing the scenery, equipment and the town as well as the locals.

    • Kelly

      Glad your enjoying, John! Trying to include as many pics as possible but don’t want to overstep my bounds either. Will do my best!

  4. Roy Evans

    Be careful about taking photos. We got caught taking some of one of the rigs on our lease last year & almost thought we’d get fired! Also Kevin & Nelly were told no photos on the last rig they were on last year. Apparently it’s a big No No in the oil patch.

    • Kelly

      I was sure to ask first. I usually try to…even in the ‘real’ world.

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