Faithful Readers, Ranch Gates & Texas Bar-B-Q

Posted by on January 11, 2014
Little Post Office in Pleasanton, Texas

Little Post Office in Pleasanton, Texas

Since we’re fairly sure that we will be in this general area for a while we wanted to get Michael’s VA appeal letter sent off and hopefully get the ball rolling…finally.  He’d had the letter written and ready to go when we were in Florida but we didn’t want to send it off until we had a Texas address that we could use so that the VA can schedule some doctors appointments to evaluate his issues.

Driving south on I-37.  That big 'ol Texas flag on the left is where we currently call home.

Driving south on I-37. That big ‘ol Texas flag on the left is where we currently call home.

Michael wanted to send the letter certified mail so that he would know that it has been received and when.  That required a trip into town.  There are several small towns in the area but the largest with a post office is Pleasanton, about 25 miles north on I-37.

Before leaving the yard we stopped in the office and introduced ourselves to Mark, the head honcho here at the Whitsett office.  He verified, once again. that we were next on the list for an assignment.  He also said that if nothing came up this weekend he had something coming up Monday for us.  Sounds great!

Jim, our faithful readers, and Byrd

Jim, our faithful readers, and Byrd

While in Pleasanton we made a quick stop at the post office and then made stops at the Dollar Tree and Walmart to pick up a few items (milk, eggs, fresh fruit….that kinda thing).  We also did a little drive through the town…it’s small with a population of just over 8900 people but seems to have just about anything we’d need.

While we were shopping at Walmart I got a text message from our friend, Jim B, who is currently working at an RV show in Pigeon Forge/Sevierville, Tennessee.  He sent me a picture of himself, our friend Byrd and a couple that are faithful followers of our blog!  They read our blog daily but have never commented.  Jim didn’t give me a name but if you read this…send me a message!  I’d love to hear from you!  You can contact us by clicking HERE and filling out the contact form!  Hope you had a good time at the RV show!  It’s so fun to meet our followers and love hearing that they enjoy reading our blog!


This was my favorite ranch gate today!

Last year when we were in Texas I was fascinated by the ‘gates’ that lead to many of the ranches.  They seem to come in all sizes and designs…some very elaborate, others not so much.  I wanted to take some pictures last year and never did.  Today I rectified that and plan to continue to snap pictures as much as I can.  I just love these gates….they just seem so Texas ranchyish…LOL  Ok….maybe that’s just me.

Before going home we decided to try the Choke Canyon Bar-B-Q.  It’s just across I-37 from where we’re parked.  We’re parked on the east side of I-37 and it’s on the west side.  Friends, Roy & Sally, who were here last year recommended it and since we’re BBQ lovers we decided it was a good time to try it.  I went with the rib plate with sides of cole slaw and green beans…everything was

Michael's brisket plate

My rib plate

very good!  Michael went with his normal brisket and his sides were cole slaw and baked beans.  He was very happy with his choices as well.  He would like to have seen less fat on the brisket but otherwise it had very good flavor, was very tender and very moist as well.  So if you’re traveling down I-37 about 60 miles south of San Antonio, take exit 83 and enjoy some darn good BBQ!

I also found out that they’re opening a new location in San Antonio soon and since our son, Zack, will be there for another military school in March, I told them that we’d have him bring a bunch of his officer buddies to give it a try.  (Got that, Zack??)

When we pulled into the yard Nancy & Wayne were out walking and we stopped and chatted with them for quite a while.  Wow!  What nice people!  After chatting for a while we parted ways and they ended up stopping by our place to see if we’d like to join them for some BBQ for dinner tomorrow!  You bet we would!  Good food, good conversation….cannot beat it!   So…we have a date!

Michael's brisket plate

Michael’s brisket plate

Once back home Michael brought in the groceries while I put them away and then I put a pot of chicken and dumplings on the stove to simmer.  I also opened up all of the windows to bring some of the gorgeous fresh air inside.

It was SO nice out that we set up some chairs outside, turned on the TV, I brought out my laptop and Michael puttered around.  The sun was shining but we had shade by the coach, the sky was blue and it was 78 degrees out!  And….no bugs or lil green froggys!  Life IS Good!

6 Responses to Faithful Readers, Ranch Gates & Texas Bar-B-Q

  1. Jessica Riker

    lol Those ribs and brisket plates look pretty similar. 🙂

    Glad that you should be getting a gate pretty soon!!

    • Kelly

      Ohhhhh Jessica….those plates were so yummy! But thanks for letting me know…I’ve fixed the pics now! Keeping our fingers crossed and saying a few prayers that a gate comes soon.

  2. Candace

    Entradas we call them. 1 of our many favorite things about Texas 🙂 Montana has some fabulous entradas also.

    And if you can get your hands on some Rio Star grapefruit that are in season for only a short time right now … do! They are so sweet 🙂

    • Kelly

      Entradas! Entrances! LOVE it! Thank you….I never knew what they were called! As for the Rio Star’s….no can do…we fell in love with them last year and soon after found that we can’t have them with our cholesterol meds! BOO!

  3. rpward51

    Sounds like a darn nice day!

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