Travel Day: Corpus Christi, TX To Whitsett, TX

Posted by on January 8, 2014
Mango car & RV wash worked great!

Mango car & RV wash worked great!

We started our day off by getting finger printed.  We had appointments for 9:20 and 10:20, arrived about 9:00 and were leaving the office at 9:33!  The finger printing is done electronically so it was pretty darn easy and no mess!

From there we went over to the GGS office to hand Patty the receipts for our finger printing.  While there we also filled out a direct deposit form.  Direct Deposit is a relatively new thing so Patty had forgotten to have us fill one out on Wednesday when we were there.  She also let us know that we’d get paid every two weeks with this Sunday ending the current pay period.  Nice to know!

We went back to the naval base and took about 10 minutes hooking up the coach as it was already ready to go we just needed to hook up and go.

We decided to stop at a nearby car/RV wash to rinse all the salt off of the truck and coach as we didn’t want it to sit on the vehicles for however long we end up doing this gate guarding gig.  It took Michael about 30 minutes to rinse it off nicely and then we hit the road toward Whitsett.

Parked and waiting in the Whitsett yard

Parked and waiting in the Whitsett yard

The 98 mile trip was quick and uneventful.  We did experience some light misty rain but traffic was smooth and the roads were clear.

We arrived at the Whitsett GGS yard about 1:00 pm.  We went into the office and spoke with Diann, who had no idea we were coming.  She had us park next to the office (full-hookup) and someone will let us know when they need us.  There might be one person that goes before us but she wasn’t sure.  Mark, the gentleman that called Patty on Monday and knew we would be coming didn’t seem to be around so maybe once he arrives we’ll know more.  Until then…we’re content to sit in the yard with our full-hook up and relax.  I’m sure once we start working we’ll be dreaming of down time!

We went next door after getting set up to try the chicken tenders at the Shell station as they were highly recommended by a couple of people on a gate guarding Facebook page we are members of.  They were right!  They were very good!  Will keep that in mind for sure.

We spent the afternoon and evening in our recliners watching TV, surfing and playing games.  Ahhhh….


4 Responses to Travel Day: Corpus Christi, TX To Whitsett, TX

  1. Jessica Riker

    Based on some of the blogs I’ve read of people who do gate guarding – if you get a slower gate you may have plenty of down time. lol

    I hope you get your gate soon!! 🙂

    • Michael

      Thanks Jessica, we are hoping for a slower gate. Or at least one that is not mega check ins. But we will take it as it comes.

  2. Sally

    When we were there last year our gate was just down the road from the Whitsett office……..hope to be down in Texas sometime next week!

    • Kelly

      We’ll be looking forward to hearing where you end up! Keep us posted.

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