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The Lay Of The Land

Yesterday was a slower day all together…for me during the day it was rather quiet and for Michael last night was dead!  Not complaining!  Our last vehicle came through the gate at 7:36 pm and the first this morning came in at 5:15.  It was almost unheard of that we were able to eat dinner … Continue reading »

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Slower Traffic Days Of Coiled Tubing

Life in the oil patch has been kind of quiet so not a whole lot to write about and it may continue this way so bare with us. During the frac we averages 221 vehicles per day, a fairly healthy pace.  Now that we’re in the coiled tubing phase things have slowed down considerably.  Monday … Continue reading »

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Who Turned The Heat Off???

Brrr….started my shift off at 33 degrees (feels like 22), high winds and light sprinkles!  Luckily shift change was almost over and there wasn’t much traffic to have to make me go in and out the door much. Traffic stayed light for much of the day.  Just a few supervisors here to check on their … Continue reading »

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About 5:30 this morning there was a very loud noise that woke me up and startled Michael enough for me to feel him jump, out in the living room.  He went out to investigate but didn’t find anything amiss.  I told him it sounded like someone had a blow out right outside the coach on … Continue reading »

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Errands, Munzee & Coiled Tubing

We have certainly enjoyed the last 24 hours!  With a total of just 116 vehicles it was a pretty light day.  Our last vehicle went through the gate and 8:15 pm last night and we didn’t have anyone else until 5:00 am this morning!  Michael even slept in bed last night, fully clothed with is … Continue reading »

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A Wonderfully Quiet Day

Another quiet night for Michael.  Just a handful of vehicles passed through the gate between midnight and 7:00 am today.  Although traffic picked up after 7:00 am.  The ‘rigging down’ process continued with more equipment, buildings, generator set ups, etc going out the gate to their next job.  We also started receiving the trailers for … Continue reading »

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Good-Bye Frack Crew

Thursday night was a very quiet night here in the oil patch.  With the frack ending yesterday afternoon and the icky weather warranting the frack company to ‘shut down’ until this morning.  Michael’s last vehicle through the gate headed out about 9:00 pm last night.  I went to bed about 9:30 and was awoke by … Continue reading »

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Done Fracking, Now What?

Yesterday’s numbers were pretty consistent with what we’ve been experiencing since the frack started last Thursday. We had 237 ‘in & outs’ for the day. Today started off strong as well…Michael logged 21 sand trucks, alone, between midnight and 7:00 am…that doesn’t count any other traffic. This morning was kind of on the quiet side…enough … Continue reading »

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Crew Change, A Mexican Treat & DUST!

When I first woke up this morning I thought I’d had a miracle cure as my leg felt pretty darn good.  However, after a little movement I could tell that I was still in the same condition I went to bed in.  Oh well…life goes on…I’ll just take it slow and steady, rest it as … Continue reading »

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‘Pop’! That Can’t Be Good…

I guess I slept through some drama!  Seems that one of the semi drivers ran over a stump down on the lease and when some other people tried to help him  he got upset and flew out of there.  He blew by us and was pulling out onto the highway before Michael even realized he’d … Continue reading »

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