Travel Day: Midway, FL To Robertsdale, AL

Posted by on December 31, 2013

I was up at 7:00.  Everything was nice and quiet.  We had another couple pull in beside us last night and their camper (an Open Range pull behind was dark and quiet as well.  Ahhhh…..

Michael rolled out of bed just before 8:00 am.  He’d taken a couple of muscle relaxers as his back was bothering him and when he takes those they knock him out pretty good.

We had a leisurely morning surfing and enjoying a breakfast of  bagelwiches & fruit (a travel staple!) before pulling out about 10:00 am.  We had about 215 miles to travel today and weren’t in a real hurry.

We pulled out of the Camping World parking lot about 10:00 am.  It was overcast and chilly…about 44 degrees or so.  Traffic was flowing smoothly and we made decent time moving down the road.  The temperature never got over 50 and the overcast, gloomy skies persisted all day.  We got some rain when we were stopping for dinner and when we stopped for the evening but nothing substantial.

About 30 minutes down the road we switched from Eastern Standard Time to Central Standard Time.  We’ve been in EST basically since last June and are ready for our normal CST time!  TV shows start WAY too late for our old blood in EST!  I actually thought that we were going to be in the same time zone as our sons and their families as they’re in WI visiting family for the holidays.  But I was wrong!  Our youngest son, Dan, and his family flew back to NY this morning and left before we entered CST!  Darn it!

Snug as a bug...

Snug as a bug…

We stopped at Kelly’s Kitchen about 10:30 (11:30 for our EST bodies) and had lunch inside the coach.  It was on the chilly side in there but Michael turned on the furnace and warmed us right up!  We sat back in our recliners, ate our salads and I surfed while Michael relaxed…bundled up under his blanket with the hood of his jacket up!  I think he was so snuggled up that he even took a short siesta!  Our stop ended up lasting nearly and hour and a half….but that’s the way we like it…slow and easy…no hurry!

Found it!

Found it!

While we were having lunch we noticed that one of the ceiling light fixtures was missing.  Had a feeling we’d find it on the top of the slide out as the light fixture is right over the top of the slide when it’s pulled in.  Sure enough…Michael climbed up on top of the counter and I pulled the slide in so that he could see up there and there it was…thankfully still in one piece!

Before stopping for the night we drove to Foley, Alabama about 12 miles south of today’s intended destination.  Why Foley, Alabama you might ask?  Because there is a Lambert’s Cafe there!  The Home of the Throwed Rolls!  If you’ve never been….you must go!  There are only 3 in the country…this one in Foley and then 2 more in Missouri – one in Ozark and the other in Sikeston.  They serve good ol’ southern home cooking and then servers come around with ‘pass-arounds’ (side dishes like fried potatoes & onions, black-eyed peas and fried okra) plus they have huge, yummy rolls that they throw at anyone that wants one!  Don’t ask how many Michael has dropped!  A fun place to visit for sure!

This friendly fella was serving one of the pass-arounds....macaroni & maters

This friendly fella was serving one of the pass-arounds….macaroni & maters

We ended up back at Camping World in Robertsdale about 4:15 pm and thought that we weren’t gonna get a spot with electric hook ups but luckily one of the employees pulled a small class A out of one of the electric sites and we were able to pull right in!  It looks like there are 2 other over-nighters here as well.

I’ve added a ‘Contact Us’ page to the blog for anyone that would like to shoot us an email.  We have so many readers that we’ve never heard from and would love to get to know you!  Ask us a question, tell us about yourselves….make yourself known!

Our home for the evening

Our home for the evening

Today’s Heartland Sightings:

Bighorn – 5
Sundance – 2

4 Responses to Travel Day: Midway, FL To Robertsdale, AL

  1. Dorothy

    So glad to read your blog and know you are well and enjoying your days. We loved being at Lamberts in Al.! Wish we could have joined you! Fun. Have a Happy New Year celebration, safe travels. Sending love and best wishes, D & E

  2. Bob

    I like the sound of that – 215 mile day, leisurely start, easy going lunch, and good southern food for dinner. That’s definitely my kinda’ day!

    Happy New Year!!

    • Kelly

      Hi Bob! So good to hear from you! Our kinda day too! Happy New Year to you as well, my friend!

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